Logo Links Mar 6, 2012: MLB Forbids Throwback, NBA Jersey Sponsors?


Logo Links is a quick look at what’s taken place in the logo and uniform world over the past 24-hours, here are your logo links for Tuesday, March 6, 2012:

Houston Astros Oppose Removal of Colt from Colt .45s Throwbacks

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane is opposed to a ruling from Major League Baseball which forbids the team from wearing a Colt .45 firearm on the front of their 1962 Houston Colt .45s throwback jerseys.  The Astros plan on wearing the uniforms on April 10th and April 20th as part of the their 50th anniversary season celebrations.

You can read more on this story, as well as the letter Jim Crane sent a fan about the matter over at Big League Stew

NBA Set on Adding Jersey Sponsors?

It could happen as soon as next month when NBA owners are expected to vote on whether or not to allow sponsor logos to appear on the front of team jerseys becoming the first of the “Big Four” North American leagues to do so.  The idea isn’t being opposed to as much as fans of clean, ad-free uniforms would hope they would be and it’s looking more-and-more likely that this will eventually happen and that the National Basketball Association may be the first to take the plunge.

You can read all the details, as well as quotes from team owners over at The Sporting News

And the rest…

Fox Sports North takes a look at the history of the team the Minnesota Timberwolves have been honouring with throwback jerseys this season, the Minnesota Muskies – read the story here

Bleacher Report Correspondent Greg Maiola shares his thoughts on what NFL throwbacks should return as a full-time uniform, and I can’t say I agree with a single one of his choices, see if you agree with Greg or me by giving it a read here

Galveston Pirate SC of the National Premier Soccer League unveiled their new 2012 season kits/uniforms, see a pic of the new uniforms and read some quotes from the players here in an article from the Galveston Daily News


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10 Responses to Logo Links Mar 6, 2012: MLB Forbids Throwback, NBA Jersey Sponsors?

  1. vap19 says:

    I can’t say I agree with the choices in the Bleacher Report article either. Retro isn’t good for everyone and I’m pretty sure most of the uniforms sold better on their debut and still sell better than the retro ones he mentions.
    In fact most of those teams have enjoyed more success and championships in their current unis like the Patriots and Broncos. Sports history has often shown that fans don’t like it when you ditch the championship duds. Just look at the Toronto Blue Jays.
    If everyone goes retro, it isn’t special anymore. The teams Greg mentions would all have single color jerseys with simple stripes and block numbers by going retro. I think Mr. Maiola has some very old fashioned taste and that’s fine for him, but I like the current diversity of NFL uniforms.
    (However I do like the Buccaneers’ Spaniard logo better than a skull and crossbones, but I may be an exception. That orange is pretty dang bright)

  2. Jake says:

    I really hope that if the NBA does add jersey ads they are just minimal. If not, and other leagues follow, I will be very disappointed.

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m pretty sure the ads on the NBA jerseys will be minimal. It’s bad enough the AHL already does this.

  4. Bobby says:

    Please no adds on NBA jerseys…

  5. b says:

    ads on jerseys are everywhere else in the world people

  6. jcampo6 says:

    I don’t what’s wrong with the NBA having sponsorships on the front of their jerseys. All the European basketball teams have a sponsor on their jerseys and it is bound to happen to the NBA sooner or later. It won’t look pretty but seeing with all the mass product placement nowadays it is inevitable it will happen.

    • @jcampo6, If all the European basketball teams jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Sorry, but mom’s old logic rings true in this case… just because someone else does it doesn’t make it right or desirable. What’s wrong with it? You answered it in your own post, it won’t look pretty. Being a uniform blog we care about those sorts of things 🙂

  7. Jimmy Kemp says:

    I think ads on uniforms would be disgrace! The uniform is sacred. I can’t believe these people who just go along with everything. I love uniforms in sports, that is the first thing that attracted me to sports. If this this happens, I will no longer watch that particular sport. I am serious, that would be my breaking point. You can have high salaries, knucklehead players, long commercials, high ticket prices. Mess with the uniform, then I am done. I hope more people are as passionately against this as I am.

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