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Canada Soccer Celebrates 100 Years with Blue Unis

Team Canada Soccer Blue 1925 Uniforms

The Canadian Soccer Association celebrated it’s 100th anniversary this past weekend by wearing special throwback uniforms in their game against the United States.

Soccer has been played in Canada since the 1870s but it wasn’t until May of 1912 that the Canadian Soccer Association was created; Canada became a member of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (otherwise known as FIFA) on December 31, 1912.

Canada Soccer Blue Uniform 1925 2012

The uniforms Team Canada wore on Sunday, created by Umbro, were blue with a single red maple leaf in the upper left of the chest.  They did not have a jersey number on the front.

These uniforms were patterned after those worn by the team back in 1925.

The CSA is selling these uniforms as well as a cap and jacket in the same design over at the official website for the Canadian Soccer Association.  You can purchase the jersey here, the jacket here, and the cap here.

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WNBA Teams to Honour Title IX with Special Uniforms

WNBA Title IX Uniforms 2012

The Women’s National Basketball Association will pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of Title IX by wearing special uniforms on June 23rd.

The special uniforms will largely be the same as their regular uniforms, in place of the player number on the front of the jersey will be a “IX”.

These uniforms will be worn by four teams, Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

From the WNBA’s press release:

The league will commemorate the day by unveiling special uniforms designed by adidas to be worn by four WNBA teams on two nationally televised games on ESPN on Saturday, June 23: the Chicago Sky at Minnesota Lynx at 12:30 p.m. ET and the Los Angeles Sparks at Phoenix Mercury at 9 p.m. ET.

All uniforms for these games will feature “IX” in the front of the jerseys while player names and uniform numbers will remain the same on the back of the jerseys. In addition, commemorative adidas WNBA Title IX shirts will be available for purchase at WNBAStore.com.

“As the most successful women’s sports league in the world, we truly believe the WNBA is a proof point of the impact of Title IX,” said WNBA President Laurel J. Richie. “The women of the WNBA – and all of the men who enjoy the game or have daughters and sisters who dream of becoming professional athletes – are beneficiaries of this legislation. We are proud to recognize this important anniversary.”


Title IX was enacted in 1972 and states, in part:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance

The WNBA was established as the first professional women’s major sports league in 1997.

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Arkansas Uniforms Almost Certainly Real – New Photo

Two new closeup photos, one of the black/grey, another of the white, has us convinced this is the new Arkansas jersey. The evidence that Arkansas is getting new uniforms is mounting.  First there was a small, grainy photo (apparently taken by a ham sandwich) of new uniforms laid out on what was confirmed to be head coach John L. Smith’s office couch. Then, last Wednesday, on the Sports Talk radio show hosted by Bo Long, AD Jeff Long said of uniforms; ” I think you can expect to see something a little different this year.” Additionally, football preview magazine shoots with Arkansas players had the players arrive in sweats when asked to wear jerseys. Those inquisitive were told the jerseys “were out to be cleaned.” Also, the newly normal hubub of recruits claiming to have seen new jerseys.

Finally, and most convincingly, the twitter account @Reenstein11 owned by Chris Reinlein, who according to his Facebook Page, is a student at Arkansas but was not listed on the Arkansas Athletic Department roster, tweeted on June 4th, “I think the black jersey talk is finally over,” with an attached picture of a “black” Arkansas jersey that looks mighty convincing.

arkansas razorback new uniforms 2012

The third jersey, at closer detail


According to sources, the background is obviously the Arkansas locker room. The collar “goo” is certainly Nike work, and the patches look authentic. We can see much more clearly here that the numbers certainly have a gradient, and interestingly, the jersey itself doesn’t actually seem to be black but rather a charcoal. This coincides with some rumors tossed around, that have had recruits calling them “dark grey” or “faded black.”

This seems to be the final piece we need here at SportsLogos.Net to call this all-but-official.

Nice little notch in the top of the 4 and serif at the bottom. Not sure why that wouldn’t have made it to the 3, nor the TV numbers, but an interesting detail nonetheless.

SportsLogos.Net thanks Josh Bramlett for some of the leads towards this story, including the original picture tweet.

So, are you joining us in calling this myth confirmed? Or do you think it could still be busted? Perhaps more importantly, do you LIKE the new jerseys?

EDIT: Thanks again to the mighty  Josh Bramlett we now have a closeup pic that has shown up on Facebook of the white jersey.

Arkansas white jersey new uniforms jerseys

Closer inspection of the white jersey


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Colour Change coming for Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte Bobcats New Team Colours 2012 2013

Thanks to a cap posted on the official online NBA shop we have learned the Charlotte Bobcats will be changing up their colour scheme for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The cap shows the addition of a light blue colour as well as a de-emphasis of orange.

Charlotte Bobcats New Colours Change 2012 2013

Comparing the colour changes, the cap appears to show a straight swap of silver and orange

The back of the cap shows the Bobcats current alternate logo but re-coloured.  It’s hard to tell from the resolution of the image we have, but it appears the orange and silver have swapped places.  The bobcat face is now silver, the basketball now in orange.

NBA.com quickly removed the cap from the website.

Charlotte Bobcats 2012 NBA Draft Cap

The Bobcats 2012 NBA Draft cap, shows new light blue, less orange, and a re-coloured alternate logo on the back

Charlotte Bobcats team spokesman B.J. Evans told the Charlotte News-Observer that the colour change has nothing to do with the rumoured name swap that the NBA has said they would be willing to explore.

Basically the idea is that the Hornets name would return to Charlotte (where the New Orleans Hornets originally played from 1989-2002), and New Orleans would adopt a new nickname.  The soon-to-be new owner of the Hornets, Tom Benson, has stated they will explore changing the name of the club.  The NBA already owns the trademark for “Charlotte Hornets” and basically if the Bobcats want the name they can have it.


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