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NYC News Confuses Devils with Islanders

It happened to the Los Angeles Kings and now it has happened to the New Jersey Devils. WABC, the local New York City ABC affiliate put up the New York Islanders logo next to the Kings logo for a report … Continue reading

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Pics of Kings and Devils Wearing Stanley Cup Final Patch

I don’t know about anyone else but growing up what I looked forward to most before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final was seeing what the patch looked like on that team’s jersey. This can likely be attributed to … Continue reading

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LA Kings Display Tokens of their Fallen Foes

The front office of the Los Angeles Kings is slightly more decorated this afternoon… much like taking war trophies after a victory, from the roof hangs the rally towels and thunder sticks of all the teams they have eliminated during … Continue reading

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NHL Draf… New Jerseys Day 2011!

NHL Draft Day has arrived and with that we get our first glimpse of several “new” NHL jerseys for the upcoming season. Story of the day, of course, Winnipeg! The Winnipeg Jets will be the new name as announced during … Continue reading

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