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Super Bowl Pizza Project

Work has been killing me lately, which is part of the reason why there was no Foogos Friday a couple days ago. But since I planned on a double dipping of Foogos for the big game today, you won’t need … Continue reading

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Foogos Friday: The Paste-triots

I pulled an all-nighter at work last Thursday, which was half the reason there was no Foogos Friday last week. On no sleep and an empty stomach, I made the three-hour-plus drive to Providence to see some minor league hockey … Continue reading

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Foogos Friday: Let’s Go Texans!

I don’t really have a dog in the Super Bowl race. I guess the Giants are my hometown team, but then so are the Jets. I admire Big Blue’s quiet tenacity, especially in the face of super idiot Rex Ryan’s … Continue reading

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Foogos Friday: Obviously Orange

This was an 11th hour production. Well, if you want to get literal, 22nd hour production, but semantics aside, this came down to the wire. I had decided earlier in the day that I needed something simple to execute with … Continue reading

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Foogos Friday: Flame Out

I really thought the holidays (re: over a week of NO WORK! WOOOOO) (re: re: over a week of no moneys! Awwww) would lead to this massive flux of Foogos creations. Instead, with 2011 winding down, so is my food/art … Continue reading

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Foogos Friday: Maine Mariners

There’s three reasons I love the Maine Mariners’ logo. 1. There are hardly any classic AHL logos out there… or any minor league logos for that matter. Most minors’ logos are vector drawing contests: detailed caricatures of various animals; flashy … Continue reading

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Foogos: Buffalo Steak

My mother is an amazing chef, and that’s not even her job. She relishes the chance to cook, and usually finds new and exciting dishes to experiment with; most of them are a success. So its no surprise that she … Continue reading

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Foogos: Blue Jays, Purple Jams

When I saw the attachments in my email – the new Toronto Blue Jays logos – and the first thought in my mind was… well, it was something I’m not sure is fit for “print” on this website. I’m still … Continue reading

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Foogos: The Miami Marlins Logo Made out of Food

I’m only a casual baseball fan. I like the Phillies, hate the Yankees & Red Sox aka the 1% (Philadelphia has definitely joined that group in recent years, but in my heart, they’re still powder blue collar bums who bleed maroon), … Continue reading

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