Colour Change coming for Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte Bobcats New Team Colours 2012 2013

Thanks to a cap posted on the official online NBA shop we have learned the Charlotte Bobcats will be changing up their colour scheme for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The cap shows the addition of a light blue colour as well as a de-emphasis of orange.

Charlotte Bobcats New Colours Change 2012 2013

Comparing the colour changes, the cap appears to show a straight swap of silver and orange

The back of the cap shows the Bobcats current alternate logo but re-coloured.  It’s hard to tell from the resolution of the image we have, but it appears the orange and silver have swapped places.  The bobcat face is now silver, the basketball now in orange. quickly removed the cap from the website.

Charlotte Bobcats 2012 NBA Draft Cap

The Bobcats 2012 NBA Draft cap, shows new light blue, less orange, and a re-coloured alternate logo on the back

Charlotte Bobcats team spokesman B.J. Evans told the Charlotte News-Observer that the colour change has nothing to do with the rumoured name swap that the NBA has said they would be willing to explore.

Basically the idea is that the Hornets name would return to Charlotte (where the New Orleans Hornets originally played from 1989-2002), and New Orleans would adopt a new nickname.  The soon-to-be new owner of the Hornets, Tom Benson, has stated they will explore changing the name of the club.  The NBA already owns the trademark for “Charlotte Hornets” and basically if the Bobcats want the name they can have it.


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13 Responses to Colour Change coming for Charlotte Bobcats

  1. VoiceofReason says:

    According to, this is their primary.

  2. Aaron says:

    If the Bobcats change their name to the Hormets, would New Orleans want the Bobcats nameplate? LOL.

  3. Jay says:

    psssht, you can tell that this recolor was literally done in ~2 minutes with the fill tool in photoshop.

  4. ingmar66 says:

    So the Hornets name will return to Charlotte, that makes sense. Return the Jazz name, logos and colors to New Orleans, please! Let Utah come up with a better fitting nickname and restore order in the messy world of NBA nicknames. I got it: Utah Lakers! Salt LAKE City, get it? As for the Purple and Gold of Los Angeles, here are some new nicknames (since we cannot have two teams called the Lakers in this league): The Tar Pits! The Black Mambas! The We Do Not Care Anymores!

    • Trent says:


      That would be cool. Hornets back to Charlotte, Jazz back to New Orleans. Then comes the part where I really disagree with you. In my opinion, it’s a crime against literally nature that the Lakers is used in LA. If anyone should be the Lakers, it would be Minnesota. I understand your point of Salt Lake City, but c’mon, man, Lakers shouild belong to the state with 10,000+ lakes. Let’s be honest, Minnesota has had some really cool tema names, with alot of significance. Obviously, the Lakers. The nthe Twins, after the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul (used to make all citizens happy, to avoid what actually happened to the Lakers, they didnt get support from St. Paul because they were hte MPLS Lakers), Vikings, us having the highest Scandanavian population in the country, and Timberwolves was unique, becuase of the highest population of Timberwolves. The NBA has had good names, as well, which have been uprooted and adopted in other cities. Your idea is good, but great if the Lakers were put back in the good ole’ MN.

  5. JR Francis says:

    You misspelled “color.”

    Also, I kind of like the fact that the basketball is now orange.

  6. Lonewolf says:

    Sports is a business first and foremost. If it were any different, the Flyers would never have been in the NHL Western Division when they arrived; the Falcons wouldn’t have shared the NFC West with the Rams and Niners; and the Brewers would still be an AL team; so on and so forth.

    I too wondered why the Jazz were never renamed after arriving in SLC. Being from Pennsylvania I know little about Utah to conjure up a good nickname. Figuring that jazz is universally liked, the name wasn’t a complete stretch even if the jazz sound is relative to the southeast portion of the US.

    In a perfect world I suppose they’d be called something like the Utah Range or the Salt Lake Pioneers, but nothing truly mesmerizing comes to mind. They’d also have left “Lakers” in Minneapolis; “Grizzlies” in Vancouver; and “Warriors” in Philly.

    My tongue-in-cheek suggestion would be to trade “Timberwolves” to Utah; “Jazz” to New Orleans; “Hornets” to Charlotte; “Bobcats” to Orlando; “Magic” to Los Angeles; and “Lakers” to Minneapolis.

    And for the love of God, please add another color to the Brooklyn Nets logo…

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