Milwaukee Brewers in Spanish Unis Tonight

Milwaukee Brewers Spanish Jerseys Cerveceros 2012

The Milwaukee Brewers will be wearing Spanish-language versions of their uniforms for tonight’s game in Milwaukee against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It is not yet known if the Pirates will join in the theme by wearing Spanish uniforms themselves but it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did.

The Brewers and Pirates have met up twice before in alternate-language jersey games, in 2010 they both went Spanish, last year in 2011 they wore German uniforms.

Pittsburgh Pirates Spanish Piratas Jersey 2010

The Pittsburgh "Piratas" Spanish jerseys worn in 2010

The Brewers uniforms will read “Cerveceros”, if the Pirates join in their uniforms will say “Piratas”.

Milwaukee is expected to wear Italian language jerseys on July 1st.

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4 Responses to Milwaukee Brewers in Spanish Unis Tonight

  1. ingmar66 says:

    This is wonderful! Nice colors, nice script, viva los Cerveceros (y los Piratas)! So after German, Spanish and Italian ones, how about Dutch jerseys? We love beer and Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch are from Holland. So have ‘Brouwers’ and ‘Piraten’ shirts ready for Holland Night sometime next season.

  2. Kyle says:

    Yes the Pirates are wearing Piratas jerseys according to Brewers TV broadcasts

  3. Aaron says:

    I wonder how the Cervesos uniforms would look in white? The gold ones don’t look too bad.

  4. Noe says:

    I like it. its not like NBA where they just add LOS.for latin nights. these MLB teams are actually trnalating their nicknames.

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