US Soccer Team Updates Numbers, Before and After Pics

The United States National Soccer Team updated the jersey number colour on their new striped kits for their game Wednesday night against Brazil.

While the new uniforms have taken a lot of flack (I personally love the new look – except for the fact it only has 12 stripes rather than the 13 on the US flag) the one thing everyone could agree on was that the “invisible” silver numbers had to go.

So Wednesday, the silver became blue.

Nike, who designed the uniforms, quickly denied responsibility saying that US Soccer is responsible for jersey number design and colouring.

Here’s a look at the original silver numbers and the new blue numbers, what do you think?  Is this an improvement?

US Soccer Team New Uniform Silver Numbers 2012

Team USA wearing the old silver numbers, practically invisible

USMNT New Jersey Blue Numbers 2012

Team USA wearing the new blue numbers, any better?

While it’s clear that the blue numbers are an improvement over the silver, they still don’t seem that visible — why is the blue in a pale shade not found anywhere else on the uniform?  Why are the stripes as bold as they are but the numbers appear to be anything but?

Here’s hoping this was just a quick fix and some bolder numbers are on the way, it’s a step in the right direction at least.


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2 Responses to US Soccer Team Updates Numbers, Before and After Pics

  1. andrew says:

    The numbers were never silver. They originally consisted of a white number with a navy outline. Tiny navy blue dots made up a “dot matrix” pattern. This is probably why it gave off the appearance of silver. I have not seen any high res photos of the new numbers but the reason they probably look lighter is because they are most likely a navy number with tiny white dots (the inverse). Still much better than the Scotland game.

  2. oz loya says:, where’s Waldo?
    the uniforms still looking like an old minor soccer league nothing innovative, try Croatia’s National Team uniform (Nike), that’s radical or Mexico’s second uniform (Adidas) is a great example of sobriety and elegance.

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