NYC News Confuses Devils with Islanders

WABC New York News Shows Islanders Logo instead of Devils

It happened to the Los Angeles Kings and now it has happened to the New Jersey Devils.

WABC, the local New York City ABC affiliate put up the New York Islanders logo next to the Kings logo for a report about this years Stanley Cup Final (yet somehow managed to get the new, and proper LA Kings logo up there)

This follows NBC Los Angeles displaying a Sacramento Kings logo when discussing the Los Angeles Kings.

NBC Los Angeles News Shows Sacramento Kings logo instead of LA Kings

NBC LA accidentally showed Sacramento's logo instead of LA's earlier this year

Is the local news in the two largest media markets in the United States so ignorant about the sport of hockey they don’t even recognize their own local teams… even when they’re playing in the Stanley Cup Final?!

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5 Responses to NYC News Confuses Devils with Islanders

  1. ingmar66 says:

    What a disgrace! They would never put up a Mets logo if they’re talking about the Yankees or vice versa.

  2. Julian San says:

    Being from Los Angeles, I was ashamed at the ignorance and carelessness of the local news team. However, after seeing this, I don’t feel as bad. The NY news’s mistake appears worse since you c an clearly see the Islanders logo has nothing to do with NJ or DEVILS. At least the Sacramento Kings logo is predominantly KINGS and the city name is small so the mistake is less obvious.

  3. Mike D. says:


  4. It also happened with the Panthers in their series vs NJ. An FL tv station had the FIU Panthers logo instead of the NHL Panthers

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