Houston Astros Wearing “Rainbow” Jerseys, Pics

The Houston Astros 50th anniversary celebrations continued tonight when they wore their “rainbow guts” uniforms.  This version of the uniform, with orange cap and number on pants, was originally worn from the 1975-1979 seasons.

Overall the Astros did a great job with these uniforms, matching orange helmets, no MLB logos on the back of the jersey or cap, elastic waistband instead of a belt for the pants.

Comparing Houston Astros 1978 uniform with 2012 throwback

Comparing the 1978 uniform on the left with the 2012 throwback on the right

The one thing about watching this set that bothered me was how low the nameplate and number sat on the back of the jersey.  It just seemed like it was wrong.  Comparing to the original set it appears the back lettering and numbering appears to be much lower on the 2012 version of the uniform.

Comparing Houston Astros 1978 uniform with 2012 throwback, numbers

Comparing the backs of the 1978 and 2012 uniforms, spacing between the name and number seems off

The Astros will be wearing this uniform again on June 22nd.

And now, on to the pics:

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3 Responses to Houston Astros Wearing “Rainbow” Jerseys, Pics

  1. Aaron says:

    Is it my imagination, or do the helmets the Astros wore last night look darker than the 1970’s. Maybe it was just the picture quality. Anyways, if the ‘Stros do go back to navy and orange, use orange caps at home and navy on the road. Heck, their Texas brethrens practically do something similar already.

  2. ingmar66 says:

    What a miss, the space between the lettering and the lollipop stripes! I love the orange hats, bring them back!

  3. Lonewolf says:

    Takes me back to the year (1978) I graduated from high school. Those were the days…..

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