US Soccer Team to Change Number Colour

US Soccer Team New Uniform Silver Numbers 2012

The controversial new “Where’s Waldo” United States Men’s Soccer Team jerseys will be undergoing a much-needed change before their next match.

According to a Tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl, the USMNT will be changing their front jersey number colour from silver to navy blue, likely because the silver numbers were virtually invisible on the red and white hooped jersey tops.

The new navy-blue numbers are expected to make their debut on the field tonight for their match against Brazil.

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4 Responses to US Soccer Team to Change Number Colour

  1. USA says:

    Good move–that silver number was the only thing I didn’t like on the jersey. I’m assuming that Nike will also change the number color on replicas offered to fans. Now I have to decide what to do with the silver-numbered jersey I just purchased. Hmm.

  2. Ben Fortney says:

    Who thought silver numbers on white was a good idea in the first place? Not only does it look bad, it’s not functional at all.

  3. ingmar66 says:

    But I do love these shirts! Excellent choice, not too many teams play in red and white hoops. Navy numbers are logical and will look good.

  4. oz loya says:, where’s Waldo? the uniforms still looking like an old minor soccer league nothing innovative, try Croatia’s National Team uniform (Nike), that’s radical or Mexico’s second uniform (Adidas) is a great example of sobriety and elegance.

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