Milwaukee Brewers add logo history wall to Miller Park

Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park Logo Wall

Beyond the right field corner at Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is a new “logo wall” which showcases the history of the logos used by the Milwaukee Brewers franchise.

Props to the Brewers for the new mural, and for including the Seattle Pilots in the timeline, although there are some inconsistencies in what logo is chosen for each era. Some eras show the primary logo – such as the 1994-99 “MB” , others display the cap logo such as the 2000-Pres “M with wheat” – although it’s likely just which logo the fanbase identifies with best from the time period.

Thanks to Milwaukee Brewers PR man John H. Steinmiller for Tweeting the photo over to me


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9 Responses to Milwaukee Brewers add logo history wall to Miller Park

  1. Benjamin J. Douthett says:

    Good on them for at least acknowledging the Seattle Pilots era.

  2. LIVEfrom718 says:

    This is much like the one at Fenway. I believe it’s on the 3rd base side concourse. The Red Sox one is much better, done in multiple colors, kind of 3D unlike the simple white paint on a green wall that the Brewers have done.

  3. Rob says:

    Cool,they included the Pilots.My first thought was that oh no they are going to have the Braves on there. I hear that at the stadium,there are exhibits to the Braves. I am still angry that Selig got away with switching the Brewers to NL and then strong arming the Astros to the AL.He has in the past talked about the Brewers as if they were the the same team of his childhood.He always saw Milwaukee as a NL town.He took advantage of his position.

  4. Aaron says:

    This is a great way to honor the team’s past. For any team that’s had multiple logos, they should do the same thing. (i.e. Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Blue Jays, Brooklyn Nets).

  5. ingmar66 says:

    It’s kinda small. I imagined it to be a lot bigger. This is only as big as an average concession stand. Pity!

  6. Victor Perez says:

    If the Seattle Pilots had never relocated to Milwaukee, then the NL should have expected getting a Seattle team to set up another crosstown interleague rivalry with the Mariners.

  7. Aaron says:

    @ Victor Perez

    No way! If the Pilots never relocated to Milwaukee, Milwaukee would’ve gotten an NL expansion team.

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