Photos of Orioles, Pirates in Camouflage Uniforms

Pittsburgh Pirates Camouflage Jerseys 2012

Both the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates paid tribute to the military over the weekend by donning camouflaged patterned jerseys.

The Pirates went with an entirely camouflaged jersey on both Saturday and Sunday, while the Orioles wore a white jersey with a camo-design in their jersey script for their game on Sunday.

The Baltimore Orioles uniforms are available for sale via auction, and can be purchased here, proceeds to help fund the Ft. Meade’s Alliance Foundation.

Both clubs were sporting their 2012 “Stars and Stripes” caps which feature camo patterns on team cap logos, these Stars and Stripes caps will be worn by all Major League teams in today’s Memorial Day games, as well as on July 4th and September 11th.

Photos of the Pirates and Orioles in their respective camo uniforms below:

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8 Responses to Photos of Orioles, Pirates in Camouflage Uniforms

  1. Jason N says:

    I’m really digging the Bucco’s camo jerseys. Love the black lettering with the yellow stroke on the camo. Looks really slick.

  2. Samuel says:

    Pirates caps don’t appear to be the Stars & Stripes one. Their design is different.

    • Jason N says:

      Samuel, none of the MLB teams are wearing the stars and stripes this year. They are all camo-themed.

      • Right, but for some reason they still refer to it as the “Stars and Stripes” cap

      • Samuel says:

        Yes, which is what I am talking about.
        The Pirates caps they wore yesterday are different than the ones they wore today.

      • Chris says:

        I noticed that also, its not a digital camo like the New Era 2012 Collection, its actually a camo pattern that matched there jerseys those days. Im highly interested in getting one the hats that match the jersey, but i dont believe New Era actually made those ones

      • LIVEfrom718 says:

        The Pirates actually do have two “Stars and Stripes” hats. One is “like” the ones the Bucs wore during the game but the camo is different. The ones being sold are digital camo and not the matching jersey camo. The Pirates also have an “alternate” hat that matches the rest of the league, don’t know if they’ll actually wear them on-field.

      • Jason N says:

        Oh, whoops. My mistake.

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