Camo Caps to be worn by all MLB Teams, Full Gallery Here

New York Yankees Stars and Stripes Camouflage Cap 2012

As part of their annual “Stars and Stripes” program, New Era and Major League Baseball has produced a cap for every Major League team featuring a camouflage-patterned logo.

These special caps will be worn by all 30 clubs during the 2012 season on the following three dates: Monday, May 28th; Wednesday, July 4th; and Tuesday, September 11th.

All net proceeds from the sales of these caps will go to the “Welcome Back Veterans” charity, in place to help returning soliders.

You can purchase any of the caps you see below at the official online shop here

A gallery of all the caps below, click any for larger image:

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10 Responses to Camo Caps to be worn by all MLB Teams, Full Gallery Here

  1. Maddin says:

    Brewers and Marlins look great.

  2. ingmar66 says:

    To me the winners are the cardinal (I mean a bird in a camo getup: no hunter or predator will be able to spot and kill it when it is up in a tree. Brilliant!) and the Marlins. As much as I dislike the new Marlins logo, it somehow looks a bit more campy and disco with the camo touch: KC and the Sunshine Band! It looks real nice on the powder blue KC (as in Kansas City, not the Miami Disco Meister) cap as well.

  3. I think the Diamondbacks red cap looks fantastic with the camo pattern on the logo — gives it a snake-skin-like look

  4. Adam says:

    Not a huge fan of the Baltimore hats, seems they were the one and only to take the really reserved approach. I’d wonder if those would even show up as anything special on TV or at a distance.
    Also, I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Chief Wahoo on a holiday cap in quite some time. Wonder what the Native American population, especially those who bravely served their country in the military, have to say about that.

  5. Gmac says:

    and here I thought the Marlins cap couldnt get any louder…

  6. Sam Sorvino says:

    Awful idea, this is baseball not hunting or NASCAR, but I am glad it helps the Welcome Home Veterans charity

  7. LIVEfrom718 says:

    I actually think it’d be better if the whole cap was camo and the logos were standard issue. Some of the logos just don’t warrant the use of camo simply because there’s not enough room to see it. The Mets black cap (which they didn’t use on-field) you can’t even see the camo.

    Did the Yanks actually use these or were they too cool to participate?

    • brennam722 says:

      Yes they wore them on Memorial Day, they have never not went along with MLB when it does things like this, esp. because they plan on wearing them on 9/11 which that tragedy hit the Yankees in their own backyard.

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