Brooklyn Nets Post Photo of Practice Court

Brooklyn Nets center court logo - practice court

The Brooklyn Nets “Instagrammed” a photo of their practice court today… and yes, that photo’s in black-and-white, they’re not planning on having their hardwood match the colour scheme.

Unfortunately it’s only a shot of centre court, but it is a potential preview of what we could see on the floor of the Brooklyn Nets home court at Barclay’s Center come October.

I like that they’re using the secondary logo instead of the primary — it’s much better suited for centre court placement.

Special thanks to Twitter user @braft for the tip


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7 Responses to Brooklyn Nets Post Photo of Practice Court

  1. patsox says:

    you’re welcome lol

  2. DJ says:

    SportsBiz tweeted at the time of the logo unveiling that the secondary logo would be used at center court of the Barclays Center

  3. tupelojoe81 says:

    i like the center court logo. My guess is that they will have a “stained wood” color scheme for the court since they wont be using black or white.

    • Brian says:

      Yea clearly another un-orginal two tone wood court. Boring. they should make like the old portland court (80’s and 90’s) minus the red obviously with the white down the lane.

  4. ingmar66 says:

    Classic 50’s look. Not boring at all but back to basics.

  5. Aaron says:

    I know this won’t happen, but having a form of a grey coloured court would be pretty unique.

  6. thomas says:

    who has a black white camera ? and why

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