6 Responses to Interview with Weber State ID Designer Hillary Wallace

  1. Matt says:

    Any time napkins are “instrumental in the creation process” you know the project isn’t going to turn out too well.

    No offense to Ms. Wallace, but this is why projects like this shouldn’t be done in-house by universities. Most university design staffs are like nurses… they can take care of the little things that need fixing, but for major surgery, you need a doctor.

    • JR Francis says:

      I’d wager a significant proportion of great designs started out on bar napkins.

      • Matt says:

        There must have been a lot of heavy-drinking occurring when coming up with this kitty. 😉

        Of course some great designs have started on scrap paper JR, but does that mean that the napkin was so crucial to the process, the design couldn’t have happened without it? Sorry, not in my mind.

  2. Kevin says:

    Matt, I happen to know Ms Wallace and have worked with her several projects. I can tell you that she is more than a nurse when it comes to design and marketing. You can see her work in the community and the web that are not related to WSU. How arrogant to demean Ms. Wallace and nurses when clearly you have no Idea what you are talking about, Good Day Sir.

    • Matt says:

      Ah, Kevin. I wouldn’t doubt that you are in fact of very good acquaintance of Ms Wallace for a moment, as your attempt to ride to her rescue in haste screams of nothing but injured pride and supreme defensiveness.

      Unfortunately for you, I never demeaned Ms Wallace or commented on her skillset as a designer, as I am certain she an invaluable member of the Weber State and its surrounding community. I was speaking in generalities and referencing my previous encounters with smaller universities and their visual art departments.

      Unfortunately for her, I feel safe to say that this project did not play to her strengths as a designer. However much you do not wish to hear it, the outcome of this project is amateurish and even counteracts the original design guidelines (consistency). There are high school students on the sportslogos.net message board who could have delivered an equal, if not superior, branding proposal. And THAT is the reality of the situation.

      And as a person with many good friends who are nurses and work in ERs all over the country, it was with much sarcasm I commented on the roles of nurses.

  3. ingmar66 says:

    The cat with the black eyes looks more appealing to me. Like I said, it is a nice design, but a little too round and too soft, (maybe a bit too feminine, especially the purple eyed cat) for my taste.

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