London 2012 Olympic Tickets Unveiled

The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are right around the corner and, let’s be honest, it has been a disaster from a design and branding point-of-view thus far.

This past weekend the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games unveiled the design of the Olympic tickets and when compared to what we’ve seen it’s a winning look.

The tickets were designed by Futurebrand, part of the McCann Worldgroup.  Futurebrand has done branding and marketing for companies such as Nike, UPS, the U.S. Army, and MasterCard.

London 2012 Olympic Ticket Design

The ticket design for the track cycling, hockey, and canoe sprint events for the 2012 Olympic Games

As with past Olympic games, each ticket features the sport pictogram; also each ticket has a colour scheme which matches the venue the event is being held at to help spectators find where they’re going.

Tickets to the Olympic games are available today at and Metropolitan Police Service superintendent Nick Downing has a warning to those who don’t purchase from the official ticketing website…

“Genuine tickets will have a number of security features built into them to minimise the risk of counterfeits. The safest way to ensure that your ticket is genuine is to only buy from an authorised seller which can be found on the London 2012 website.  If you buy from an unofficial site, you risk paying over the odds for a ticket that may not exist, may not be genuine and you risk not getting to see the Games. Your personal details could even be used in other crimes.”

Each ticket will be printed with a hologram, barcode, as well as other security features to help reduce counterfeiting.

The 2012 Summer Olympic games get underway on July 27th and run through to August 12th.

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Ticket Design

The 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony ticket design


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2 Responses to London 2012 Olympic Tickets Unveiled

  1. Benjamin J. Douthett says:

    Wow, something for the London Olympics that DOESN’T make me want to gouge my eyes out!

  2. ingmar66 says:

    I like the colour codes and the calendar look of the date in the top bar. Nice tickets.

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