Astros Owner Gives Clues On New Look For 2013

Houston Astros 1966 throwback uniform

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane dropped a few hints regarding what the new Astros uniforms will look like in 2013 and from those hints it sounds like we’re in for some blue and orange goodness.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“We’ll blend some of the new with the history of the team and some of the colors in the past,” Crane said, “We’ve selected it all and we’re about to submit it. We’re due in on the 30th, so everything’s set to go to baseball for approval.”

“We’ve gone to great lengths in getting everyone involved including the guy who washes the uniform, the locker room guys, the players, the fans, everybody involved in the process.”

The popular opinion amongst those I’ve spoken with seems to be a modernization of the uniforms from the late 1960s, their first uniforms as the Astros.  The Astros just wore these uniforms as a throwback last Friday vs Texas.

My prediction?  Based on Crane’s words above I’m going to say we’ll see navy blue and orange colour scheme, the current shooting star on the caps, and a modernized script from the past.  Hopefully there’s an orange cap in the set.

Start the countdown to the off-season!

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9 Responses to Astros Owner Gives Clues On New Look For 2013

  1. PentonMitch says:

    hell ya

  2. Aaron says:

    If these rumors about the Astros new uniforms are in fact true, bring them on. I always said they should bring back the pictured uniforms above in a modernized version. With the current shooting star of course. I would’ve picked either Colorado or Arizona to move to the A L, but I wish them welll.

  3. denden says:

    Go, go, go.

  4. Igotdubbs says:

    I hope the navy cap with the orange star and white “H” makes it back as well.

  5. James says:

    NIce an eighth team in the AL to primarily wear a navy cap. Glad teams are willing to create their own identity. I hope its more tequila sunrise Astros than late 80’s Astros.

  6. Jeff says:

    I kinda like the Astrodome sleeve patch even though it’s obsolete now. I hope they keep that.

  7. ingmar66 says:

    The orange cap with the navy star and white H should really make a comeback as an alternate. Really loved that one.

  8. Aaron says:

    Even if the Astros do come back with the H and star combo cap, that would be cool too. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if the orange caps were their home caps and their navy caps their road. Just a thought. Us the pictured uniform style please.

  9. JSunkist says:

    (gag) I wonder what new jerseys they’ll get for 2063 when they move to the NL 😛

    No Astros fan on any level, but I do like the retro look, and probably will enjoy their new look. Good for Astros fans

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