Mets don hockey sweaters for Toronto trip

New York Mets players wear hockey jerseys Toronto 2012

The New York Mets rarely get to visit Canada, this past weekend was their first trip North of the Border in seven seasons. They also sure love their theme road trips, earlier this season a trip to Houston had all the players dressed as cowboys.

So what better time to break out the hockey sweaters than when the team travelled to Toronto?

While most of the players went with the boring “homer” choice and wore New York Rangers jerseys, props to guys like David Wright and Jason Bay for going with the more obscure looks.

Check out the whole photo gallery, it’s a slideshow so get ready to do a lot of clicking, over at the New York Daily News site here –> Mets don hockey sweaters for Toronto trip – NY Mets don NY Rangers and other NHL jerseys for trip to Toronto – NY Daily News.

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7 Responses to Mets don hockey sweaters for Toronto trip

  1. Victor Perez says:

    Cool. There’s going to be a possibility regarding the Toronto Blue Jays’ shift to National League.

  2. LIVEfrom718 says:

    Jason Bay is from BC and he’s wearing a Hartford Whalers jersey? Ever heard of the Canucks???

  3. ingmar66 says:

    Will we ever see the vice versa? Rangers and Maple Leafs visiting each other wearing baseball jerseys? That would be nice as well.

  4. Matt says:

    I like how it says they don’t know what Anaheim jersey that is. *facepalm

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