Cincinnati Reds pay tribute to Chipper Jones

Cincinnati Reds Chipper Jones Base 2012

The Cincinnati Reds will be paying tribute to the career of one of their greatest foes during a game tonight in Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark.

Atlanta Braves third baseman and future hall-of-famer Chipper Jones will be wrapping up his 19-season career following the 2012 season and this week marks his final trip to Cincinnati as the Braves take on the Reds.  The Reds will honour Chipper’s final appearance to their stadium with special decals (or “jewels” as they’re officially called) on the sides of the bases.

Jones, a 7-time National League All-Star, winner of the 1999 NL Most Valuable Player Award, and a lifetime .304 hitter has spent his entire professional baseball career with the Atlanta Braves.

The Cincinnati Reds will be presenting one of the three bases to Chipper, one to the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame, and the third will remain on display in the Reds Hall of Fame.

Major props to the Reds for a classy tribute to a great ballplayer.

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9 Responses to Cincinnati Reds pay tribute to Chipper Jones

  1. denden says:

    Real classy by the Reds organization.

  2. Ray says:

    Cardinals did something like that a few weeks ago. Even the fans gave Chipper a standing O

  3. Jeff says:

    Nice gesture by the Reds.

  4. LIVEfrom718 says:

    I don’t get it… The Mets got knocked when they did a video tribute for Jose Reyes, who spent 9 years in Queens when he returned for his first game as a Marlin.. Now the Reds honor a player that never played for them an it’s “classy”.

    • HuskyHauler says:

      You’re not suggesting that Jose Reyes has had the career and impact on the game as Chipper Jones are you? C’mon

    • TOdd says:

      Something to remember is that Chipper Jones is retiring from the game of baseball. He is a spectacular player and will be remembered as that forever. Jose Reyes is an all star player who left the Mets organization to go play in Miami. He isn’t retired and gone from the game. He’s still here

  5. ingmar66 says:

    The Mets will always get knocked, whatever they will do. Call it the curse of the Yankees, who just dominate opinions from Medialand. As for the Reds, it is a nice gesture. Chipper deserves everything that opposing teams will honour him with this season. Wonder who will give Chipper a rocking chair, just like Kareem Abdul Jabbar got when he retired (which he clearly enjoyed at the time, I seem to remember). Good idea for the Mets? Nah, if they would do it before their final home game against ATL all those navy pinstriped media cats will probably say it is some sort of insult to the still youthful Chipper or something. Don’t know if the Braves have an interleague away game coming up in the Bronx. If Jeter presents him with a rocking chair everybody from the media will say that it is such an original and classy thing to do from one veteran to another. Just wait and see.

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