Tim Tebow Threatens Makers of “Jets-Jesus” Parody

New York’s newest quarterback Tim Tebow is threatening legal action against a website selling a parody New York Jets t-shirt. A Jets logo with “JESUS” instead of “JETS”, “MY” instead of “NY”, and a Jesus Fish in place of a football.

The t-shirt itself contains no references to Tim Tebow and if anything should warrant a phone call from the Jets rather than Tebow.  Unless Tim is claiming he owns the rights to the Jets logo… or Jesus.

Tim Tebow Lawsuit T-Shirt My Jesus New York Jets

The offending "MY JESUS" New York Jets parody t-shirt

The cease-and-desist claims that the website, CubbyTees.com, is tricking users into thinking Mr. Tebow officially endorses the “MY JESUS” t-shirt by using his “substantial economic likeness” without his permission.

While the website does make numerous references to Tim Tebow it also contains a disclaimer stating it has no ties to any official league or team… in hindsight, probably should have included “or player” in that disclaimer.

Cubby Tees Tim Tebow MY JESUS lawsuit NY Jets t-shirt

A print out of the shirt for sale on the site courtesy TMZ (click for larger)

The site, which is currently down due to the crush of public interest this has generated, has defied the cease-and-desist saying they “share nothing with Mr. Tebow except for promotion of a common Lord and Savior.”

Looks like we’re in for a battle, more details over on TMZ.


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9 Responses to Tim Tebow Threatens Makers of “Jets-Jesus” Parody

  1. Mikes says:

    As much as I admire Tebow for what he stands for & what he accomplished last season – I agree, I don’t see the logic behind his getting upset about it.

  2. Matt says:

    Being a Jets fan and a Catholic I found this funny.

    I agree with you Mikes, I could see if he said it was tasteless.

    But I sort off see where he’s coming from because he’s the only reason this t-shirt was made. Would this t-shirt have been made if Tebow was never traded to the Jets?

  3. nuordr says:

    Being a man of God this upsets me because why did no one do this before Tim Tebow? I am glad that people want to show their love of Jesus, but to rip off an existing logo and to make money off of it is the part I dislike the most. If anything, the website should be donating the proceeds to a Christian-based foundation.

  4. Morgan says:

    Wait…. is he SERIOUS?

  5. Aaron says:

    @Matt, I’m pretty sure it would. There are other teams that do this sort of thing. I’m surprised the Kincks haven’t done something like this considering Jeremy Lin is on the same realm of Tim Tebow. I don’t see the big deal here.

  6. topher says:

    Um….really? People, people…lighten up.
    the fact that Jesus is on a short you should be happy about. It is not some poor cartoon…or some cheesy characterized buddy Christ. We can’t always take things so serious…
    Now, that said…tebow doesn’t have much to stand on, maybe and by the tinniest of margins, the jets might have a leg to stand on. Really though, I’m sure the shirt company has looked into their position and are perfectly within the law.

  7. VertigoKeyz says:

    I am a Jets fan and an atheist. I am thoroughly offended by that shirt and hope the company gets sued into bankruptcy. Go Tim! Give ’em hell (no pun intended)!

  8. ingmar66 says:

    Haha, I totally agree with VertigoKeyz. This shirt is really out of bounds!

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