The Making of an On-Field MLB Jersey

Majestic Athletic, the on-field provider of all Major League Baseball jerseys has posted an interesting look at the process of making an authentic on-field MLB jersey.

Some highlights from the video, in which they are shown creating a Chicago Cubs home jersey:

All on-field uniforms are made in the United States at their facility in Easton, Pennsylvania

Patches, logos, lettering, and numbers are first heat-pressed onto the jersey, then sewn by hand… they are then heat-pressed/ironed a second time to ensure there are no wrinkles

Uniforms are sewn using “cover stitching” which increases durability while maintaining player performance

You can see the video below:

Wait, why does a Yankees uniform have “Sabathia” on the back in the intro?

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5 Responses to The Making of an On-Field MLB Jersey

  1. Ian K says:

    The Yankees jersey will have the name on the back because if you go to and buy a replica jersey, even if you get a Yankees jersey it MUST have a name on the back. They won’t customize them with just numbers for some reason.

  2. AnjaKJ says:

    @IanK – I got a Derek Jeter jersey from and I didn’t have to have the name on it. And from what I’ve seen, the names are usually on the replica($90) jerseys, not the authentic($180) ones.

    To note another mistake in the video, the jerseys the Yankees wear on-field do not have the Majestic logo on the sleeve or pants pocket like the other 29 teams do. (Though it is on the ‘authentic’ jerseys they sell to fans.)

    • LIVEfrom718 says:

      Yeah, all of the replica Yanks jerseys require you to have the name above the numbers. I think it’s because the Yanks jerseys are so simple. Why would you want to pay $180 when you could pay $90 for something that looks exactly the same?

  3. Phil Donahue. says:

    This makes me want to vomit.

  4. Mark Dewdney says:

    If I were Productions, I’d literally follow one jersey, from raw fabric through to the player’s back. Now THAT would be a cool video. This one? Meh. Cool post for us, but MLB can do better. 🙂

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