NY Giants Add “Ring” App; now you can be a Super Bowl Champion too!

NY Giants Super Bowl XLVI Championship Ring

I love this new age of technology – heck, without it, I wouldn’t have this job – but sometimes, something is just sparkly enough to stand out from the crowd.

In the spirit of total – and I mean TOTAL – interaction with their fans (and as a great means of rubbing it in the faces of the rest of us) the New York Giants want to put a Super Bowl ring on your finger.

Come on.

How cool is THAT?!?

The new ring, which pays homage to all four Giant championship teams, was unveiled today. Designed with input from Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, Zak DeOssie and other players as well as ownership, the Giants wanted something that would “appeal to everyone in the locker room”, according to DeOssie.

Let’s face it – unless you can waggle it in the faces of, oh, EVERYONE and have them go Packer green with envy, it’s not worth it, is it? Cool points abound. There’s definately an ‘attitude factor here’; “Count the Lombardis. NO, COUNT THEM. There’s FOUR!!! You ain’t even got ONE!!!”

Manning was especially pleased with the 37 sapphires loaded around the outside of the face; “The Giants are Big Blue,” he said. “We definately wanted to…spark it up a bit.”

It’s pretty cool.

Now, throw in the fact that you too can ‘wear’ the ring, and that just makes it…well, frosty.

The Giants partnered with GoldRun, whose co-founder Shai Rao “grew up acting out (Giants) highlights”, to bring fans into the trophy celebration. Fans can, through their iOS or Android mobile devices, download the app here and following the appropriate links – you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Nicely done – even if I’m not a Jints fan nor a huge blingwearer, this is seriously iced.

What are you waiting for? The article’s over. Go check it out.

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