Marlins Debut New Orange Cap with Home Uniform

Miami Marlins Orange Caps with Home Jersey - New Uniform 2012

The Miami Marlins last night debuted their “red-orange” (it doesn’t look red to me) cap paired with their home white uniform.

The Marlins also wore “red-orange” undershirts and socks with the cap to complete the “red-orange” and white look.

For those wondering, red-orange is the official name the Marlins are using for the orange in their colour scheme; the official shade shown below courtesy the infinitely valuable

I dig this look more than the black cap with the home whites, I really do.  The Marlins identity is all about being bold and out there, the regular black and white homes (and black and grey roads, for that matter) are anything but bold.  If you’re going to go for it, go for it.

Some more photos of the Oran… sorry Red-Orange and white combo from last night:

Miami Marlins Orange Caps with Home Jersey - New Uniform 2012

Miami Marlins Orange Caps with Home Jersey - New Uniform 2012

Miami Marlins Orange Caps with Home Jersey - New Uniform 2012

Miami Marlins Orange Caps with Home Jersey - New Uniform 2012

Unfortunately the Marlins did not break out their red-orange batting helmets and stuck with the boring old black ones:

Miami Marlins New Uniform 2012 - Black helmet, orange caps, white home jersey

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16 Responses to Marlins Debut New Orange Cap with Home Uniform

  1. Hank says:

    Looks good. I didn’t get all that blue/yellow/orange outlining at first – just thought it was a silly way to get in the idea of all that Miami neon. But last Saturday on Fox I saw them in action for the first time, and when they move around, the light hitting the different colours plays like the colour fx you get off fish scales. Now I think it’s a whole lot of awesome.

  2. F19 says:

    “Red-Orange” – probably named it that because ol’ Jeff wanted to squeeze yet another color into the identity somehow lol.

    When you put these side by side with the 1996-2002 set, there is no comparison. The old identity had a great South Florida feel AND had that classic baseball look. The new set looks like something out of Jersey Shore: South Beach.

    Also one other thing, how come on the National League page, the Florida Marlins are listed as a “team of the past”, but when you click on them it shows the “Miami” graphics as well? If you click on the Atlanta Braves you don’t get Milwaukee and Boston Braves graphics as well. And those teams have more of a visual connection than the Marlins do, you can trace the “Braves” script back to Boston.

    They may have only moved 15 miles down the road, but they are not the same team, at least not to me.

    • @F19: Good question, I’m wrestling with how to handle name changes vs. franchise shifts… the way I do it currently is simple change of location name vs. actual shift to another market (i.e. California/Anaheim Angels vs. Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves) – I group when there is no market shift, I separate when there is.

      If anyone has any suggestions on what they’d prefer to see, please share.

  3. Michael says:

    I used to be 100% against the orange in the scheme. The Marlins had previously stayed loyal to the aqua/green and I loved it. Ever since they won it all in 2003 ownership has been adding more and more orange all over the place, so I was not surprised to see orange as a main color in the new look. My original fear is that we’d look too much like the giants, with the black jerseys and caps with orange trim, and I still think they do a little bit. But these orange caps with the white jerseys is truly a hot look. It screams latin flavor, which is pretty much the theme of the new stadium and team identity and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this combination in the future.

  4. Jeff says:

    Chris, you’re doing it right. Keep up the great work!

  5. LIVEfrom718 says:

    I do like the white/orange home combo. I really don’t get how they have “Miami” written across the home jerseys as opposed to having Marlins across the chest. I know Texas does that but it’s weird to me. Maybe it’s easier to “sell” Miami rather than the Marlins?

  6. Aaron says:

    Now make the helmets orange and Bob’s your uncle.

  7. Aaron says:


    Franchise shifts or name changes? That depends on location and situation. Anaheim Angels and Miami Marlins makes sense better than naming a team after a state. As does Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves because of the native American factor. What doesn’t necessarily make sense are Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies although the names have stuck for years. Colorado Nordiques, Carolina Whalers, OKC Sonics really sound awkward for obvious reasons.

    • @Aaron… T’was referring to how we display teams on the site, whether to separate teams or group them together. Anaheim – Calfornia – LA Angels are grouped, so are Florida – Miami Marlins, but I’ve separated Boston – Milwaukee – Atlanta Braves as well as Washington Bullets – Wizards.

      Different markets get a separate page, different nicknames get a separate page.

      The one I’m struggling with is New York – New Jersey – Brooklyn Nets. NBA owners were required to vote on whether to allow the Nets into Brooklyn; that sounds like a franchise re-location to me so I’ve separated them.

  8. Aaron says:

    In fact, why not make the orange caps their full time home cap and their black caps their road caps. Unfortunately it can’t be teal or marlin blue. However since orange is dominant, why not?

  9. Joshua Powers says:

    I also like the orange and white a lot. BTW, it’s called red-orange because it’s technically Pantone Warm Red.

  10. ingmar66 says:

    The red-orange one should be the home cap, it looks better than the run of the mill all black. Now if they would only change that horrible travel agency logo…

  11. Daniel K. says:

    Chris, I think the Marlins should wear reddish-orange helmets both at home and on the road.

  12. fjojr says:

    The fish do have red-orange batting helmets but haven’t used them in the regular season. The red-orange is noticeable when placed next to the Miami Dolphins orange (coral) uniform. Also the shade looks different than Giants or Orioles when seen in person.

  13. Bill says:

    Best idea of all: Scrap the new design.s and colors altogether. Then, hire. the same design team that created the Blue Jays new branding and unis and refer to a photo of an actual marlin. Also listen to the fans. Jeff Loria didn’t and look what happened, YUCK

  14. Max says:

    Josh Johnson looks like AJ Burnett

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