Texas Rangers 2012 Throwback Jersey Schedule

The Texas Rangers are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their move from Washington to Texas during the 2012 season by wearing uniforms throughout their history.

We’ve finally gotten ahold of the schedule and the uniforms that will be worn for each game, so mark your calendars – and if you’re in Texas, buy those tickets to get a glimpse of these classic uniforms in action.

Texas Rangers 2012 Turn-Back-the-Clock Schedule:

May 12th vs Los Angeles Angels (1972-75)

Texas Rangers home jersey 1972-1975

The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim turned back the clock to the 1972 season this past weekend by both wearing very accurate replicas (click for pics) of their original ’72 duds.

The Rangers wore these exact home jerseys from 1972-1975 before switching to a half-button down/half-pullover jersey top version of this design from 1976-1982


June 16th vs Houston Astros (1986-93)

Nolan Ryan wearing the Texas Rangers uniform of 1986-93... sans blood

I’m not sure about anyone else but this is the uniform I’m most looking forward to seeing on the field again; this is how I remember the Texas Rangers and the great Nolan Ryan.

The Rangers cleaned up their 1984-85 uniforms by removing red-white-and-blue sleeve stripes and switching their caps to all-blue for the 1986 season.  Ryan joined the team in 1989 and left during the final season of this look in 1993.  After his election to the Hall of Fame, Ryan elected to wear this cap logo on his plaque.


July 7th vs Minnesota Twins (1994-2000)

Texas Rangers 1994-2000 home uniform

With their move from Arlington Stadium into the Ballpark in Arlington for the 1994 season came a whole new look for the Rangers.  The blue that had dominated their look since their inaugural season had been demoted to secondary colour status.  Red, which had been used only as a trim colour, with the exception of a short-lived alternate, had been brought up to the team’s new primary colour.

It was in this uniform during which the Rangers achieved their first success as a team, making their playoff debut during the 1996 season.

For the 2000 season the Rangers switched to blue on their road uniforms before going back to blue for both home-and-road in 2001 putting an end to red as a primary colour.

In the last few seasons the Rangers have begun swapping between wearing their blue and their red caps along with their home uniforms.


August 11th vs Detroit Tigers (1976-80 Road)

Texas Rangers 1976-80 road uniform, half button up & bi-centennial patch

Texas joined the powder-blue road uniform revolution for the 1976 season and kept the look through 1982 (the half-button jersey was replaced with a full-button jersey in 1981).  From the photo at the very top of this article it’s hard to tell if the Rangers will go with the half-button look or full-button but the fact that they’re wearing the 1976 bi-centennial patch (click to see patch) suggests we should see the half-button.  If they want to be accurate, of course.


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11 Responses to Texas Rangers 2012 Throwback Jersey Schedule

  1. Aaron says:

    One thing about the 1972 Rangers uniforms, these should have a belt instead of the red, white and blue waistband if they ever use this as an alternate down the road.

  2. ibsouper says:

    Playoff debut in 1996… not 1999

  3. JJoiner says:

    If the Rangers were to have a permanent “throwback” alternate, I would believe it to be the 1986-1993 “Nolan” jersey, as that script is on their coaching jackets and still used on quite a bit of memorabilia. Those 1974 whites looked amazing though!

  4. Bert Echo says:

    How can these guys not see how much better Kinsler looks wearing a uniform with the socks showing? Hamilton, in particular looks terrible with the pants going all the way down to the shoes. I just don’t get it.

  5. Charlene M says:

    The pants on the throwbacks certainly don’t fit like the originals for those years. The ’70’s fit a lot tighter in the legs and crotch!

  6. Erick says:

    For the 1976 road uniforms, they are going with the half button, here’s the same pic as from above at a different angle where you can see the half-button, it’s Mike Napoli’s twitter avatar (@MikeNapoli25)

  7. TOdd says:

    Is that 1996 uniform a throwback or an Angel’s home uniform?

  8. ingmar66 says:

    What about the caps to go with these retro uniforms? They should be retro as well, and match the era of the uniforms. Should the Rangers wear their current caps with these threads, it would look a bit awkward. My favorite is the powder blue half button. I just like the wild west font of the name Texas and the patch.

    • @ingmar66, the Rangers will be wearing their retro caps along with the retro uniforms… what I want to know is if the opposition will join in with the throwback fun like the Angels did last weekend

  9. Aaron says:

    I like the current uniforms, but I wonder how the original uniforms would look if modernized to today’s standards? Definitely like the font on the 1970’s uniforms.

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