Angels and Rangers in 1972 Throwbacks

The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels turned back the clock 40 years earlier this afternoon as part of a 40th anniversary celebration of the Rangers’ inaugural season in Texas.

Both teams wore uniforms modelled after designs used in 1972 by the (then California) Angels and Rangers and both teams did a great job in the accuracy department. Buckled up pants, matching helmets, accurate name/number fonts – great job.

The Angels ’72 uniforms were worn only that season, 1972 was a transition year for Angels designs as their uniforms still retained the lower-case “angels” script yet their caps and helmets had moved to the upper-case “A” design.  In 1971 everything was lower-case, in 1973 all the “A”s went to upper-case.  The 2012 version of this uniform paid attention to this one-season mix of styles.

Check below for a bunch of photos from the game today, click any for a larger image:

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8 Responses to Angels and Rangers in 1972 Throwbacks

  1. Aaron says:

    The uniforms from both teams in 1972 were really cool. Good thing they added buttons to them. Or I think they did.

  2. Aaron says:

    In fact, the Rangers should use the ’72 throwbacks as an alternate home for a weekend jersey.

  3. Anthony says:

    I agree with Aaron, those Texas throwbacks (and Angels) are better than what these teams wear now. Very cool. They both got it right.

  4. @Aaron, both teams wore buttons originally with their 1972 uniforms

  5. ingmar66 says:

    These uniforms are simple and subtle. The teamname fonts are also nice (Western style for the Rangers, the lower case a with halo for the angels). These retro uniforms also look surprisingly nice with these modern-day arm and neck tattoos and those chinstrap beards! Both teams got it right.

  6. david micalizio says:

    Always liked the Angels cap with the small “a” looked cool.

  7. JSunkist says:

    I miss nowadays seeing “RANGERS” spread across their home uniform. Didn’t see any of the game at all, but looking at the pictures, RANGERS, in ’72 and pre ’10 font, look nice.

  8. Ben in LA says:

    Angels need to bring those back!

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