Redskins Unveil 80th Anniversary Throwbacks

The Washington Redskins today unveiled their new alternate throwback jerseys for the upcoming 2012 National Football League season.

Based off of the uniforms worn by the Redskins’ first season in Washington in 1937, the new uniforms are a part of the franchises 80th anniversary celebrations. They will be worn for two yet-to-be-determined home games during the upcoming season.

The uniforms are burgundy with gold and white numbers with matching Native American head logo patches on either sleeve.  Gold pants will be worn with the set.

Back in 1937 NFL players wore very simple, and barely protective leather helmets without any designs.  Obviously this is not something the players of today can go along with, so the Washington Redskins are doing the next best thing – a faux-leather design.

A leather football helmet from the 1920s on the left, on the right is the new "faux-leather" style helmet worn with the 2012 Redskins throwbacks

Undoubtedly this faux-leather style helmet is the most interesting aspect of the uniform.  A technique never before applied to modern-day helmets to help complete that classic throwback look and I applaud the Redskins for doing this. When the Washington Redskins last wore their 1937 throwbacks as part of the NFL’s 75th anniversary season celebrations in 1994 the team wore a burgundy helmet along with these jerseys

The helmet isn’t the only difference from the three different versions of this uniform.

Comparing the Native American head logos from the 1937 original, and 1994 and 2012 throwbacks

In 1937 and the 1994 throwback, the Native American head logo contained white streaks throughout the hair, the 2012 version is lacking these white streaks entirely.

The feathers at the back of the head were a bright yellow in ’37 and ’94, for 2012 these feathers are now the same burgundy as the jersey itself.

Keeping with the logo, the thickness of the circle around the logo has changed from version to version.

Close-up of the NFL logo on the front collar

Naturally in 1937 there was no Nike logo on the sleeve nor was there an NFL logo on the collar of the jersey, here in 2012 this is a league-wide requirement for on-field jerseys and throwbacks are not excused from this.

On the inside collar the phrase “Team. Effort. Tradition” is stitched, this is a new option for all NFL uniforms this season.

More photos of the new throwback uniforms as well as some of the original 1937 and 1994 throwback uniforms as well…

Washington Redskins players during the 1937 season

Washington Redskins 1938 team photo

The 1994 Redskins throwback

Redskins '94 throwback in action

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7 Responses to Redskins Unveil 80th Anniversary Throwbacks

  1. Aaron says:

    These look like the Florida State Seminoles only without the gold helmets. Not bad for a throwback uniform.

  2. ingmar66 says:

    Like this throwback a lot. The mascot without the white streaks and the stern, intense look is nice and is distinctively different from the screaming FSU Seminole or the very relaxed, almost smiling (in a Mona Lisa style) mascot of the Chicago Blackhawks (an all time favourite of mine). It is even better than the usual Redskins logo, apart from the color of the feathers (which should have been gold and white instead of burgundy). The detail of the inside collar is a bit tacky, but not disturbingly. Reminds me of what Nike does with some soccer shirts, like Born to Play Football (in Portugese) on the inside collar of the Brasil shirt or Mes Que Un Club on the inside collar of FC Barcelona.

  3. Mike says:

    I really like the helmets. I hope they do the same thing with the Packers throwback helmet, instead of having just brown paint.

  4. Ben in LA says:

    That helmet is a great idea

  5. Yipicya says:

    These are without a doubt, the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen.

    And I watch Oregon football every weekend in the fall.

    • WV Mountain Man says:

      What are you talking about? Ugliest uniforms you have ever seen? Really? These look much better then those hideous Denver Bronco uniforms from a few years ago. But obviously you haven’t seen the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers throwbacks, wow!! Trust me these uniforms look great, probably the best throwbacks in a long time.

  6. manny silvia says:

    good looking uniforms, its just too bad that in 2012
    the team is still called the redskins

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