Further details about Missouri’s New uniforms – PICS

Missouri‘s athletic department officially announced that 5 of their sports will wear new uniforms for the 2012 season, via their twitter feed on April 14th. Shown were new unis for men’s and women’s basketball,  soccer, volleyball, and football.

The uniforms were officially unveiled during halftime of their spring football practice, called the Black & Gold game. From a uniform and logo perspective the big news is that the sports have undergone a redesign with all 5 sport applications in mind. This brings a more consistent look across the athletic presence of Missouri from colors to fonts and numbering.

While 5 sports were announced and shown, it was said that all sports would follow this appearance template as they are redesigned in the future.

With the uniform release, they also published new identity standards, speaking to colors, typography, and identity usage. These can be seen about midway down the page at http://www.mutigers.com/genrel/041412aaa.html

The school makes note of the fact that their uniforms were designed in cooperation with Nike, who has been their uniform supplier for over ten years.


  • The primary helmet seems to be standard gloss, but the alt helmet appears to be a flat black
  • The jerseys have the “goo collar” like the recently released NFL counterparts.
  • The “dress shirt collar” look of this Nike template is absent in the all black jersey, and in the white with the black shoulders, but appears in the yellow alternate, with the black collar stopping at the collarbone and coming to a sharp point.
  • While tiger striping is noted on their style guide it does not appear to be used on the jerseys. The yellow alternate alludes to tiger stripes in the shoulder treatment.
  • In football jerseys the white jerseys have a yellow number outline, but neither the black or yellow have the same. In the basketball and soccer, all number are outlined.

Take a look at the announced jerseys

Missouri's Black Football Jersey

Missouri's Black Football Jersey - Back

Missouri's White Football Jersey

Missouri White Football Jersey - Back

Missouri's Yellow Alternate Jersey

Missouri's Yellow Alternate Jersey - Back


Missouri Helmet

Missouri Alternate Helmet

Compare those to last year’s jerseys….

2011 Missouri Uniforms


  • The Tigers will take to the field looking new and fresh, without going wild and ridiculous.
  • This author isn’t often fond of the alternate colored shoulder look, but this one works as well as any.
  • The yellow alternate with its tiger stripe shoulders looks really sharp, a look that the Cincinnati Bengals would do well to steal borrow. The flat-black helmet is a trendy and nice look, though the larger-than-large logo tackies it up a bit.

Not just football was presented…

Women's Basketball White

Women's Basketball Black

Men's Basketball White

Men's Basketball White - Shorts

Basketball Yellow Alternate

Missouri's White Soccer Jersey

Missouri's Black Soccer Jersey


What do you think of the new Mizzou look? Will it stand up to the classics in the SEC this year?

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5 Responses to Further details about Missouri’s New uniforms – PICS

  1. I think so. I mean, personally, I don’t want anything to do with Mizzou, but I think they will pull it off facing the likes of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and all the other SEC schools.

  2. Ryan Z says:

    Good move for Mizzou. I like the standardizing all the uniform numbers as well as the color schemes over all the sports. Going away from the “M” mark is a plus too. Way too many block “M”s out there and Mizzou’s didn’t stand out.

  3. Boyee says:

    Still don’t get why University Missouri-Columbia/Missouri/Mizzou would want to be in the Southeastern Conference other than for the $$$ as they are in the southern Midwest in actuality.

  4. Boyee says:

    They should pick 1 helmet. The alternate helmet sucks.

  5. Boyee says:

    It is good that they are stopping the use of Michigan’s M on their helmets.

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