Hello Brooklyn! Nets Unveil Logo, New Name

So long New Jersey, Hello Brooklyn!

The former New Jersey Nets have officially re-branded themselves as the Brooklyn Nets this morning.

New team logos were posted onto the club’s official website at the crack of dawn, merchandise is already available for sale.

Nets co-owner Bruce Ratner explained why the name “Nets” was retained with the shift to Brooklyn in an article on Politicker: “I think there was a lot of debate and surveys were taken and I think the results came out that there was a legacy to the Nets. They do have a legacy. There are a lot of fans that followed them for years that are in the region, it’s not like we’re moving to the West Coast or something. … A lot of work was done and research was done to make a decision to keep it the Nets.”

Brooklyn Nets primary logo for 2012-13

The new logo is what we’ve been seeing circulating around on the Internet these last few days, the black-and-white shield with NETS and a B on a basketball below.  What we hadn’t seen before on the primary logo was the inclusion of “BROOKLYN” below the shield.

The shield-only graphic at the top of this post is classified as the “partial logo”, but will likely be used as a pseudo-primary.

Also new is the secondary logo, the B on the basketball from the primary shield logo in a circle surrounded by the words BROOKLYN NEW YORK, here it is:

The new identity was designed with the help of rapper and Nets co-owner Jay-Z and adidas. Jerseys have not yet been unveiled but according to a Tweet from the Nets both the home and road uniforms will read “BROOKLYN” across the front.  A graphic on the official team website says they won’t be available until the fall.

Merchandise is already available for sale on the official team website and at Modell’s Shops throughout the Brooklyn area, fans were lining up outside for the chance to be the first to get their hands on the new Nets apparel.

You can see large, high-quality versions of the new Brooklyn Nets logo on SportsLogos.Net’s Brooklyn Nets logos page.  As always, we will be posting more as we get them.



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34 Responses to Hello Brooklyn! Nets Unveil Logo, New Name

  1. John says:

    When will the jerseys be unveiled?

  2. Mike S says:

    Changing the color scheme?

  3. Aaron says:

    Nice logo, but as mentioned before, please add red and blue to the colour scheme.

  4. Alex Parisi says:

    People will praise this design for how restraint it is. Unfortunately it’s neither well executed or meaningful.

  5. Ian says:

    Design is good but extremely boring (add some color to it or something)

  6. Ben in LA says:

    Im cool with the logo…but I feel the colors should have been something similar to Dodger Blue…for obvious reasons…

  7. asiu says:

    The font is the same one used by the NBA for its marketing materials this year and the NBA Store… hmm.

  8. ibsouper says:

    The Eastern Conference doesn’t have a black and white team. This could be something original. The logo is boring though.

  9. F19 says:

    Ugh. Bland. No character whatsoever. If they’d have updated the “Nets” script from the 77/78 logo, and put the old “notch” of the Dodgers “B” in there, they may have had something here. The black and white scheme is fine, it’s unique in the league(there are black teams, Spurs, Blazers, to a lesser extent Heat, but they use other colors).

    D+. Only saving grace is the color scheme. They had history with red/white/blue but as the second fiddle team in the market, and the oversaturation of r/w/b in the league, swapping the colors makes sense here.

  10. Sean Carter says:

    worse sports logo ever made

    Comic Book Guy

  11. VoiceofReason says:

    Logo sucks, color scheme sucks … being that the team sucks, I’d say it’s appropriate.

  12. Guayaberas says:


  13. Boyee says:

    Not too bad, but it desperately needs some color!

  14. Aaron says:

    Perhaps what could’ve worked with this logo is if they went with midnight blue instead of black with a scarlet red and possibly silver accent.

  15. vilitigo says:

    Absolute scum. Wholeheartedly reflects the organization.

  16. JF says:

    If you don’t like it now it will grow on you. It did to me and now I think it is very nice. Merchandise will be (and already is) quite popular.

  17. Zach says:

    I think the all black is perfect for the concept of Brooklyn, but come on! A basketball with only a B and Nets? be a little more creative!

  18. Aaron says:

    Perhaps one way to make it look more creative is maybe placing a net over the basketball. With thin outlines though!

  19. Jeremy says:

    Simple and perfect

  20. carg0 says:

    garbage. instantly-forgettable garbage that’ll only contribute to making the Nets even more irrelevant than they’ve already been.

    i was hoping they’d at least attempt to incorporate or even revive the look they had from the late 70’s to 80’s but, seeing as how jay-z had a hand in creating this mess, the end result pretty much speaks for itself.

  21. zeppelin01024 says:

    Logo sucks. Would’ve liked something more bold and kept the color scheme the NJ Nets had. This isn’t creative.

  22. Dave Z says:

    Bland, boring and dull. The font for the “Nets” and the B is a good choice (it’s the same as used on old NYC Subway signs), but the absolute lack of color is lousy. They should have kept some red and blue.

    Firstly, because it’s established in New York, with the Giants, Rangers and Yankees (to a certain extent, though they really only use the red on their top hat logo). Every other major sport has a New York team that uses red, white and blue, just as the Nets have for decades.

    Secondly, because it’s some continuity with the team history, where the colors were a specific reference to the team’s original name, the Americans, which was itself a reference to the ABA and the old New York Americans NHL team, which was called the Brooklyn American in their last year.

    And thirdly, because they could have, and should have, used blue with touches of red, just like the baseball team whose absence they are supposedly filling (despite the fact that it’s been over half a century and within the next decade the Dodgers will have been in LA longer than they were in Brooklyn!)

    In short, nice form (though the “Brooklyn” should be at the top, not the bottom), lousy, bland color scheme

  23. Breon says:

    the blk and wht scheme is similar to the San Antonio Spurs please add the red and blue

  24. Jamal says:

    thats the spurs colors

  25. Nascarfan2 says:

    Logo needs some color…… It’s not the wost logo I’ve ever seen… But still, it needs more colors to add excitement to the city of Brooklyn!

  26. Tommy says:

    Dull, though not terrible.

  27. Aaron says:


    Since red, white and blue is overused, even though they could’ve kept it for traditional purposes, perhaps add either silver-blue to the black and white colour scheme or add orange to the black. Black and orange would be a great way to pay homage to the New York Giants, even though they never played their home games in Brooklyn.

  28. Aaron says:

    Or here’s an idea, a midnight blue (would act as black), silver-blue and burgandy colour scheme wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  29. kurt says:

    i’m kind of up in the air about it.
    it’s really simple and bold but almost to a fault. really, though, i’m happy to see more sports teams going towards simplicity in their design. (that’s right. piss off, nike pro combat)
    one thing kinda irks me about this is that the logo for both basketball teams in new york city… is a basketball.

  30. John says:

    I hate to be this guy, and I hate to go here, but Jay Z apparently designed these logos and it needs to be said. I think they went with a black and white color scheme because, honestly, lots of black people think black and white is “ghetto” (the “good” kind of ghetto, like cool). I hate to sound racist like that but I think Jay Z wants his team to be “ghetto” because he’s a rapper and tries to convince people that he himself is “ghetto” when in actuality his story about his hard life (I know he grew up in the projects but his story about selling crack and other parts are dubious at best) is very questionable. I think he’s trying to have his basketball team back up his image and story of his “ghetto” life. I know this sounds extremely racist but that’s just my impression. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I’m just stating how I feel.

  31. Aaron says:

    @ John

    Well, I kind of see where Jay-Z is going with it if that is the case.
    Here’s an idea, I might of mentioned it before, but since the Brooklyn flag is navy and gold, perhaps emulate the flag’s colours to their scheme just like the Mets, Knicks and Islanders did with the blue and orange NYC flag

  32. Aaron says:

    Sorry I meant the Seal of Brooklyn, New York.

  33. design is good but it needs more colours.

  34. Kevin says:

    It’s so Jay-Z it’s not even funny. It looks like they straight up let him design it.

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