8 Responses to Winnipeg BlueBombers Unveil New Logo, Helmet

  1. Alex Parisi says:

    Very similar to the Washington Huskies.

  2. Jake says:

    Looks like a college logo, I think the helmet is good, but the logo seems bland.

  3. Mark Dewdney says:

    According to the team, it’s a throwback tribute to their roots. I wonder if the uniforms will be equally simplified.

  4. Auggie's says:

    Thisis the same helmet design from the 70’s. Very nice.

  5. Boss Eric says:

    Downgrade. What they had was iconic. Now I see it and think Huskies. Bad move Winnipeg.

  6. Viper says:

    Re: “This is the BEST it will look all season”

    Not a very encouraging slogan, eh?

  7. roquetman says:

    Oh Canada, finding new ways to suck!

  8. manny silvia says:

    you got to be kidding me, a block letter ‘w’ is the bestthey could come up with, its their old logo, its 2012
    why can’t they do a better job and come up with something
    new and exciteing.

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