Photos of Red Sox/Yankees Throwback Game

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first game at Fenway Park this afternoon by wearing the uniforms of both teams from that first game.

Both teams went that extra mile by going numberless on their uniforms, jerseys are also lacking the MLB silhouette logo on the back of the uniform, however the MLB logo does appear on their caps.

Boston is wearing blank white caps (and selling them too) with their 1912 inspired home whites. The Yankees are wearing caps with a grey-crown with a navy blue button, bill and “NY” logo.

Teams are wearing their regular helmets while batting.

Check below for some more photos of the uniforms:

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4 Responses to Photos of Red Sox/Yankees Throwback Game

  1. Brian says:

    Why would anyone buy a blank red sox hat? I know I wouldnt spend 40 bucks on a hat and nobody know who I was supporting.

  2. Matt says:

    The New York Yankees jersey in this game was really nice and the hat is cool. The Boston Red Sox jersey was nice and the hat was nice to. Even tho I am a Canadian seeing jerseys and hats from the past is nice cause the jerseys back in the past has alot of history and alot of the way the jerseys were back then really never were like the jerseys of today. I wish all sports would have a turn back the clock days cause the kids would learn about then like I have. I would also like soprts leagues to have days about turning a head the clock jerseys to show jerseys that the furture would have and see what it would all be like cause I am into sports and sports history

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  4. I wouldn’t bother buying a Sox cap with its slate wiped clean either. Especially NOT for $40!

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