New York Yankees Unveil Throwback Jersey

Ever the leader in the anti-alternate or throwback jersey army, the New York Yankees yesterday unveiled their 1912 throwback jersey and cap which they will wear this Friday, April the 20th in Boston to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first game played at Fenway Park.

The Yankees and Red Sox opened the stadium on April 20, 1912 and both teams will be wearing uniforms based on the ones worn in that inaugural game.

Photo of New York Yankees 1912 throwback jersey to be worn April 20, 2012. Posted originally to the New York Yankees Facebook page

While the Red Sox are no stranger to wearing throwback jerseys, having done so several times in the past few seasons, by my recollection the New York Yankees have only done this once before back on June 8, 1996 when they donned the uniforms of the Negro League’s New York Black Yankees for a game at Tiger Stadium.

Throwback jersey worn by the New York Yankees in 1996 to honour the Negro League's New York Black Yankees

The Boston Red Sox have yet to post a photo of the uniforms they will be wearing but they will be based off of the 1912 design, which you can see below courtesy Dressed to the Nines:

Boston Red Sox Uniforms from 1912 season

Photo at the top of the page courtesy Bronx Baseball Daily, and the 1996 throwback image from The Throwback Report.

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7 Responses to New York Yankees Unveil Throwback Jersey

  1. ToddReigle says:

    Very classy, don’t even need the pinstripes.

  2. tupelojoe81 says:

    I like it too. Maybe wear it once a home series in regular season. Nothing replaces the pinstripes though.

  3. Ben in LA says:

    Makes a great alternate road uniform…

  4. Doug Spoelker says:

    Wow.The best uni’s in baseball are worn by the Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals. I generally don’t like throwbacks, however, the Yankees, classy as always, have a winner with these. Stay classy Yankees!

  5. Igotdubbs says:

    Looks a little too plain for me but then again I like uniforms like the Detroit Tigers and Penn State Football. Must be the gray that I’m not a fan of…

  6. LIVEfrom718 says:

    It was pretty cool to not have numbers and names on the back of the uniforms… One thing I didn’t get was the “old school” NY on the chest didn’t match the standard NY logo we see on a day to day basis on the front of the hat.

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