Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil Throwback Uniform

The Pittsburgh Steelers today unveiled their 80th anniversary throwback uniform to be worn during a game in the upcoming 2012 NFL season.

The uniforms are modelled after the 1934 team uniform.

The 80th anniversary Pittsburgh Steelers patch, seen below will be worn on the front of the uniforms:

Additional detailed photos of the jersey front and back below:

All images are courtesy the Official Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter Account

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18 Responses to Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil Throwback Uniform

  1. Andrew says:

    I like it when teams wear their old uniforms, but Good-God, those are HORRIBLE.

  2. JB says:

    lmao looks like a highway sign, and where in the world did they take this pic? A public bathroom? lol The only thing I like that NIKE looks as though it will do with future throwbacks is keep it true to their original material (or make it look vintage).

  3. spikesreign says:

    I’m a steelers fan, but this makes my eyes burn. Good lord these are worse than their alternate uniform from las year, if that’s possible.

  4. EB Design says:

    Like the jersey. I think Black pants would have looked better

  5. Eriq Jaffe says:

    Why did they unveil it in the bathroom?

  6. Devin Neitz says:

    They will look like the chain gang!

  7. Jason says:

    Figured I’d be in the minority about this, but I actually kind of dig them. Very unique. And the patch is excellent.

  8. Brad says:

    Very cool throwback! I can’t wait to see these in action. This is a great example of a throwback, cool for use sparingly, but if they wore these are their uniforms, I would get sick of them fast.

  9. BETO says:


  10. Henry says:

    not bad for a one time deal, but do not want to see these become a regular alternate. For that I prefer the yellow helmet unis

  11. Aaron says:


    Yeah, I prefer the yellow helmet alternates myself. These uniforms, one time thing only. Not as a regular alternate!

  12. Sean Carter says:

    It really does look like prison uniform

  13. Mark says:

    My eyes just threw up!

  14. Ryan says:

    someone finally beat the throwback broncos for worst throwback uniform

  15. Aaron says:

    Disgusting. Thankfully they won’t be wearing these too often. Killer Bees, anyone?

  16. Igotdubbs says:

    It definitely looks unique if anything else, I still give it a thumbs up but narrowly. They probably snapped the pic at a Steelers facility locker room just by judging on the color of the tile.

  17. Jason says:

    I think they should have made a helmet that looked like it was made of leather to wear with this.

  18. Travis G. says:

    I am a die-hard Steelers fan, but these throwbacks are putrid. I see a combination of a bumble-bee and prison garb. These throwbacks are so ugly that I would welcome the unis with the “Golden Triangle” on the shoulders of the jersey! And those were just as bad! This jersey is a variation of the 1994 throwback with the Pittsburgh flag crest in the middle, and the player number in the upper left-hand corner. I wanted to see the classic 70’s unis that the Steelers wore en route to winning to four Lombardi’s during the decade.

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