Nike Unveils New Soccer Jerseys for Seven Nations


Nike yesterday unveiled their new soccer uniforms for eight countries to be worn at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Yesterday we showed you the new jersey for the United States, today with a major hat tip to soccer jersey blog site Todo Sobre Camisetas (Spanish for “All About Shirts”) we bring you photos of the other seven countries to show off their new looks.

Australia, Croatia, France, Holland, New Zealand, Poland, and Portugal were the other seven… we’ll go through the list alphabetically and start with Australia.










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4 Responses to Nike Unveils New Soccer Jerseys for Seven Nations

  1. Neonix says:

    I really don’t like the France jersey. Doesn’t look like a sport uniform at all. It makes me think of what douchbags from nightclubs wear. Especially with the collar…

    I liked New Zealand and Holland, the rest is simply okay…

  2. DP_Megachiva says:

    Just a small note: all these kits were not made for the 2014 World Cup. They are going to be used in the WC qualifyers and, in the case of the european teams, also in the upcoming Euro to be played in june.

    A few months before the World Cup, teams will get new kits.

  3. Ryan from Mass says:

    Holland never disappoints…..I seem to always find myself loving Hollands apparel, in fact a few years back i was looking for an orange winter hat/beanie w/the lion head and the KNVB on it. Glad they’re using the orange kits instead of the white with the thin orange and blue chevron lines. The other kit I really like on here is Poland, I like the clean white, and the eagle on the red shield, and the red block through the middle. Very nice lookin. I would love to see Polska do a red kit with a large white eagle on the chest.

  4. Andrew says:

    How much will these sell for? Curious only because I want them all

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