6 Responses to Rockford RiverHawks unveil new logos

  1. DelayedPenalty says:

    Fantastic update. A very professional looking logo which blows away the previous 2, which looked cartoonish and amateur.

  2. vap19 says:

    I agree with DelayedPenalty. These are clean, crisp, and professional. And as an added bonus, the teams official website is just as slick.

  3. elmo10 says:

    Reminds me of the now defunct Fresno Falcons logo, but instead of the bird holding a hockey stick, it’s holding a baseball bat! Pretty cool logo anyhow!

  4. Brad says:

    Its amazing how the minors have brilliant logos like this and Major League Teams like the Padres have simplified garbage.

    I love the “R” with the wing. I am going to try and find a cap with this on it.

  5. Dylan says:

    Being from Rockford, it’s nice to see the Riverhawks getting a major update (wondering if the Icehogs will be soon to follow) I am gonna miss the blue, light blue, and silver color scheme but I can’t wait to see what their unis look like. Maybe I’ll like it better.

  6. ingmar66 says:

    Excellent logos, all of them. Clean, crisp and classy.

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