Photos from St Patricks Day 2012

It was another green-filled St. Patrick’s Day in the world of sports last night; 19 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams wore something green during their games yesterday while a couple NBA teams and a whole slew of minor league hockey teams joined in on the fun.

Simply click from the links in the tables below to see a photo of that special uniform in-game, where available… Enjoy!

Major League Baseball

American League

Baltimore Orioles Green Logo on Cap
Boston Red Sox Green Caps and Jerseys
Chicago White Sox Green Caps
Cleveland Indians None
Detroit Tigers Green Caps and Jerseys
Kansas City Royals Green Caps
Los Angeles Angels None
Minnesota Twins None
New York Yankees None
Oakland Athletics Standard Greens
Seattle Mariners Green Caps
Tampa Bay Rays Green Necklaces
Texas Rangers None
Toronto Blue Jays None

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks None
Atlanta Braves Green Caps
Chicago Cubs Green Caps
Cincinnati Reds Green Caps
Colorado Rockies None
Houston Astros None
Los Angeles Dodgers Green Caps and Jerseys
Miami Marlins None
Milwaukee Brewers None
New York Mets Green Caps and Jerseys
Philadelphia Phillies Green Caps and Jerseys
Pittsburgh Pirates Green Caps
San Diego Padres Green Caps with Irish Logo
San Francisco Giants Green Caps
St. Louis Cardinals Green Caps and Jerseys
Washington Nationals Green Caps


National Hockey League

The Ottawa Senators wore green jerseys with clovers for pre-game skate

The Minnesota Wild wore their green alternate jerseys

The New Jersey Devils turned-back-the-clock to the 1980s to wear their red and green uniforms

Boston Bruins wore green jerseys with clovers for their pre-game skate


National Basketball Association

Chicago Bulls wore their annual St Patrick’s Day uniform

New York Knicks wore their annual St Patricks Day uniforms

Boston Celtics wore their green and gold St Patricks Day uniforms

Utah Jazz wore their green alternate uniforms


The Toronto Raptors had their green St. Patrick’s Day uniform listed in their style guide for the 2011-12 season but opted not to wear it last night.

Green themed uniforms were also worn by several minor league hockey teams last night; for photos of the jerseys they were scheduled to wear you can check out our St Patrick’s Day jersey preview.

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5 Responses to Photos from St Patricks Day 2012

  1. Frank L. says:

    The Florida State University baseball team also sported these green and white Nike caps on the field last night.!/FSUBaseballEQ/status/181155802793508864/photo/1

  2. Zebo says:

    Correction Chris: Rockies wore their usual caps but with a green “CR” logo rather than purple. Go rox!

  3. b says:

    isnt that the away jazz uniform

  4. Stef says:

    I think it’s ridiculus all that green stuff!

    what’s next? Everybody in pink? oups that’s already like that

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