Logo Links Mar 12, 2012: Colts Firearm Returns; New Minor League Logo


Logo Links is a quick look at what’s taken place in the logo and uniform world over this past weekend, here are your logo links for Monday, March 12th, 2012:

Astros Return Pistol to Colt .45 Throwbacks

The Houston Astros announced on Friday that despite Major League Baseball’s disapproval, they will indeed include the Colt .45 firearm on the front of their Houston Colt .45s throwback jerseys for their April 10th and April 20th games.

Reports last week that the Astros would not be including the gun on their jerseys led to team owner Jim Crane placing the responsibility solely on the league; Major League Baseball eventually retracted their ban but reiterated their disapproval of the firearm.

Crane explained why the team eventually chose to return the gun to the jersey; “We made this decision for a number of reasons, we listened to our fans, who were almost unanimously in favor of wearing the original jersey. We wanted to honor all of our past uniforms during this special 50th anniversary season, and we felt it was important to be true to the tradition of the franchise.”

This isn’t the first time the Colt .45s faced controversy over their usage of the weapon.  In 1964 the Colt Firearm company would not allow the team to sell merchandise featuring the name and the imagery unless they got a fair chunk of the profits, this led to the team just dropping the name altogether to become the Houston Astros.


High Desert Mavericks Unveil New Logos

Seattle’s High-A farm club, the High Desert Mavericks of the California League, unveiled new logos and colours for the upcoming 2012 season at their annual fan fest celebration on Saturday.

Mavericks GM Eric Jensen explained the reason for the switch, “After 21 seasons in the Victor Valley, we felt it was a great time to introduce new logos which reflected both the Mavericks team identity and our strong connections to the High Desert community.”

The club also unveiled a cowboy logo which “represents the rugged resilience of those who reside in the desert.”


And the rest…

New Era has given a sneak peek at the new 2012 NFL Draft caps on their Facebook Fan page, they’re not my cup of tea but at least we know these four teams won’t be tweaking their logos or colours with the Nike uniform switch


The National Lacrosse League’s Toronto Rock saluted the Canadian Military by wearing camouflaged team uniforms during their game against the Philadelphia Wings this past Friday; the game-worn jerseys are being auctioned off so if you like the look take a shot at owning one of the jerseys.


Finally, in one of the most bizarre attempts I’ve seen to improve referee performance, the Ghana Football Association has presented their Division One officials with new uniforms.  According to an article on Ghana Web, Kwame Ntow Fiako, Chairman of the Division One League Board, expressed the hope that the new uniforms would encourage match referees to improve performances on the pitch.

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11 Responses to Logo Links Mar 12, 2012: Colts Firearm Returns; New Minor League Logo

  1. Aaron says:

    As creative as the Colt 45’s logo is with the C acting as gunsmoke, that logo wouldn’t be appropriate today. Obviously. But it’s still good that the Astros brought this back for a few games to honour the franchise from the beginning. Colts alone would’ve worked today minus the gun. The odd time, you see the Wizards wear the Bullets uniforms. I say if it’s just several games, let them wear it.

  2. Steve says:

    “As creative as the Colt 45′s logo is with the C acting as gunsmoke, that logo wouldn’t be appropriate today.”

    Why? I’m confused. Seriously. I have no clue where you are coming from.

  3. Aaron says:

    Look at the C and the gun very closely. Why do you think the Bullets were forced to change their name to the Wizards?

  4. Jeff says:

    Glad to see that MLB backed off and allowed the use of the correct Colt 45’s uniform. As much as that is now non-PC, it is part of Houston’s uniform history, and it should be acknowledged appropriately. And it’s not like Houston will be wearing the uniform all year – I believe they will only be wearing it in 2 games.
    MLB went through a similar scenario when they did not allow Tampa Bay to have the cigar on the minor league throwback uniform they wore last year. The throwback uniform definitely lacked the vintage flair without the cigar.

  5. Phil says:

    I don’t know about you but I think it’s better to have the Colt .45s with a gun than without one. I’d rather a team show off a gun then show of a beer

  6. Keith says:

    Jeff, this is not a PC issue. It’s a concern about promoting the use of handguns, after which the Colts were named.

    This brings up an idea: when the Astros move to the American League, how about they change their name to the Colts, after the horse rather than the pistol? They’d have to be careful to be as different in identity from Indy as possible to avoid lawsuit.

  7. Aaron says:

    Obviously if any team ever calls themselves the Colts would have their own identity from Indy. And it would definitely be named after the horse.

  8. Stephen says:

    Notice how for Carolina panthers it says “Coming soon” cause they have a new logo, well it says the same for the Seattle seahwaks, meaning they probably have a new logo also this year!

  9. BB1646 says:

    I have found pics of draft hats for every team except carolina ( who i know is changing their logo)and seattle ( i dont know why )

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  11. KDub says:

    The Colt .45 uni’s are just plain classic. I see nothing wrong with letting them be worn. Everyone needs to lighten up and quit trying to be so damn PC!

    The High Desert Mavericks new logo is awful. Just as bad as the last one.

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