Baseball’s Leapin’ Logos

It’s February 29th, otherwise known as “Leap Day” despite the fact that leap years are the only years to NOT leap over any days.  Seems wrong-ways-round to me, but then again I’m not a calendar expert and I wasn’t signed on to write posts about such things.

Let us celebrate Leap Day by taking this once-every-four-years opportunity to look at baseball’s leaping logos starting with the best source of logos, the Minors…

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2 Responses to Baseball’s Leapin’ Logos

  1. Aaron says:

    They should also include leaping logos for other leagues…


    Florida Panthers
    Phoenix Coyotes (alternate)
    San Jose Sharks

    San Antonio Rampage
    Houston Aeros

    Washington Wizards

    Hamilton Tiger Cats

    Miami Dolphins
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals (alternate)
    Detroit Lions
    Denver Broncos (old logo)

    Rimouski Oceanic
    Moncton Wilcats

    Barrie Colts

    Calgary Hitmen

    • @Aaron, just a heads up that I wrote this article, so the “they” in this case would be “me” 🙂

      The blog that I wrote this piece for is a baseball blog, so I’m limited to the one sport unfortunately, but you’re right that there’s a lot of other leaping logos in other leagues out there, I included a couple of them in the article near the end.

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