Even More Legendary Players in the “Wrong” Uniform

Yup, that’s Pete Rose wearing the caps of eight different Major League clubs, and most baseball fans would know that aside from the Philadelphia Phillies, Pete never played a game for any of those teams.

No, he didn’t lose a bet.

The above photo is from a Sports Illustrated article circa 1979 (props to Twitter user @LobShots for the graphic) when Pete Rose was deciding which club he’d like to sign with, giving the caps of his top eight preferences a try… I must say he looks the happiest as a Yankee, a shame they couldn’t get him in pinstripes for the photo – it would have suited him a little better.

Last week I took a look at some of the greatest players in Major League Baseball history wearing the “wrong” uniform, Babe Ruth in a Dodgers uniform, Yogi Berra with the Astros, and so on.  Because I only got a chance to feature a small fraction of the players I wanted to, we’re spillin the wrong uniform fun over into a second week, let’s get at it!

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3 Responses to Even More Legendary Players in the “Wrong” Uniform

  1. bleuet says:

    … few remember he played for the Expos!

  2. RedSox44 says:

    He looks confused and/or pissed off at something behind the camera while in the Red Sox cap.

  3. Mike says:

    He looks plenty happy in his Phillies cap; and, as Phils fans fondly remember, his addition to the team led to the Phillies first World Series championship in 1980. I think he made the right choice.

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