Legendary Baseball Players in the Wrong Uniforms

Say the name of any legendary baseball player and the team they played for instantly comes to mind… Yogi Berra? New York Yankees. Hank Aaron? The Braves. Harmon Killebrew? Minnesota Twins.

The image of most of these legends are so strongly associated with a single team that the idea of them playing elsewhere isn’t even considered.  But it happens.  In fact the three players mentioned above – Berra, Aaron, Killebrew – all ended their careers playing for another franchise.

Crazy thought, isn’t it?

They’re not alone, some of the biggest names in baseball history had a season or two playing in an unfamiliar big league uniform, in this weeks article I’ll be taking a look at some of the game’s best ballplayers playing in the “wrong” uniforms.

We’ll start things off with “The Babe”…

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3 Responses to Legendary Baseball Players in the Wrong Uniforms

  1. John says:

    For Chicago fans it would have to be Ron Santo in a White Sox uniform

  2. Ed says:

    How about my favorites of all time? Rollie Fingers with the Boston Red Sox… I’ve only seen 1 photo, but indeed Charlie Finley sold Fingers and Joe Rudi to Boston before the deal was vetoed by Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. However – Fingers got so far as Fenway Park, and even warmed up in the Boston bullpen – but thankfully for the commish – didn’t get into the game. Likely a very rare photo. The other is Reggie as a Mariner before the 1979 All Star Game – when a missing uniform forced Reggie into a Mariner suit for the AL Team photo~

  3. Aaron says:

    I think in this upcoming season, it’ll be Albert Pujols with the Angels. Other players that would fit this category…

    Gary Carter R.I.P. (New York Mets, LA Dodgers, San Francisco Giants)

    Prince Fielder with the Tigers

    Wade Boggs Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays)

    Tom Seaver Boston Red Sox

    Rollie Fingers Milwaukee Brewers

    Harold Baines Texas Rangers

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