Atlanta Braves Unveil New Alternate Jersey

The Atlanta Braves yesterday unveiled their new alternate home jersey two weeks after it was first leaked by an online sports apparel shop.

This new jersey is cream coloured and inspired by the design the Braves wore for their first two seasons in Atlanta, on the sleeve is a new alternate logo which features two crossed tomahawks on a blue circle. ┬áThe blue circle reads “1876 Atlanta Braves”, the 1876 symbolizes the season the Braves franchise was established in Boston.

Comparing the original with the new, 1967 Braves home jersey on left; 2012 alt jersey on right

The regular home cap (navy crown with red brim, white stylized ‘A’ logo) will be worn with this throwback inspired alternate; the pants will be also be cream coloured to match the jersey.

The new alternate logo, worn on the sleeve of this new jersey

This new uniform will be added to the current rotation of Braves uniforms, the scheduling for what will be worn when has been adjusted slightly.  The Braves announced the following in terms of what uniform is worn on what day:

  • Home games Monday – Thursday, they wear their traditional home white uniforms.
  • Home games on Friday, they will wear their red jerseys with white pants and alternate cap
  • Home games on Saturday – Sunday, the Braves will wear the new throwback alternate uniforms
  • Road games will be either the road greys or the navy blue alternate, it’s the choice of the starting pitcher


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8 Responses to Atlanta Braves Unveil New Alternate Jersey

  1. Braves Fan in Philly says:

    Wow. They look great!!!!

    Go Braves!!!!

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  3. Aaron says:

    If you’re going to put the chief mascot on the sleeve, put the tomahawk at the bottom of “Braves”. Otherwise the two tomahawks on the sleeve are just fine.

  4. SFforlife says:

    Wait, the starting pitcher gets to choose? That’s so cool! The uniforms are beautiful, btw!

  5. Aaron says:

    Maybe the NHL, NFL and CFL could give the goaltenders and quarterbacks the same choice. That would be twice as cool. Corny, though!

  6. Kyle says:

    You guys didn’t know pitchers could choose their uniforms?

  7. Willie says:

    What will be the hat for the Sat/Sun home games with the new alt. uni’s?

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