T-Wolves/Pacers ABA throwback game pics

Last night the Minnesota Timberwolves and Indiana Pacers took part in a Hardwood Classics ABA throwback night, the Pacers suited up in their road uniforms from 1971/72 while the Timberwolves donned the home jerseys of the 1967/68 Minnesota Muskies.

Below are some more photos from the retro matchup:

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6 Responses to T-Wolves/Pacers ABA throwback game pics

  1. Tony Dunsworth says:

    They need to add in the tri-colour ABA ball just for grins too!!!

  2. stets5150 says:

    i was thinking the same thing. that would’ve been cool to see.

  3. max says:

    logo on the pacers pants is sick! make that their primary

  4. Variam says:

    the muskies jerseys dont look that nice

  5. cody says:

    loving up the muskies set!

  6. jjcorp says:

    cool jerseys! but i think you kinda overused the pacers

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