The Name Game: A Look Back at (some of) Baseball’s Nickname Changes

This past Monday new Houston Astros owner Jim Crane put an end to the speculation by stating officially that the club would not be changing their name for 2013.  Crane had earlier mentioned the team was considering a name change for their shift into the American League.

“We received strong feedback and consensus among many fans, and we will not change the name Astros. The Houston Astros are here to stay”.

While the Houston Astros won’t be changing their name this wouldn’t have been the first time a club has done a complete nickname change in the Major Leagues, it’s actually happened several times, and today we’ll take a look at just a few of the many nickname makeovers baseball has seen through the years…

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6 Responses to The Name Game: A Look Back at (some of) Baseball’s Nickname Changes

  1. Aaron says:

    I can think of some others:

    Chicago White Stockings-Chicago White Sox

    New York Highlanders-New York Yankees

    Boston Pilgrims-Boston Red Sox

    Canton-Akron Indians-Akron Blast-Aeros

    Syracuse Chiefs-Syracuse Skychiefs-Chiefs

    Winston-Salem Spirits-Warthogs-Dash

    Salt Lake Buzz-Stingers-Bees

    Scranton Wilkes Barre Red Barons-Yankees

  2. Aaron says:

    Oh yeah…

    Louisville Redbirds-River Bats-Bats

    Blue field Orioles-Blue Jays

    Las Vegas Stars-51’s

  3. Brad Clark says:

    Omaha royals – Omaha cyclones

  4. Aaron says:

    That’s Omaha Storm Chasers. Thanks though.

  5. Boyee says:

    The American League was originally the Western League and \\the White Sox franchise was originally the Sioux City Cornhuskers in the WL (1894), St. Paul Saints in WL (1895-1899) the White Stockings/Sox in the AL (1900-1903) (due to NL superiority rule) Chicago White Sox from 1901-Present due to AL declaring themselves a major league.

  6. jjcorp says:

    technically aaron, it goes like this:

    Sioux City Cornhuskers -> Saint Paul Saints ->Chicago White Stockings -> Chicago White Sox. also, non-baseball:
    Chicago Staleys -> Chicago Bears
    Chicago Black Hawks -> Chicago Blackhawks

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