A Look Back at NHL All-Star Uniforms of the Past

In honour of the National Hockey League’s All-Star Game this weekend let’s take a look back at the uniforms of all the past NHL All-Star Games, from the Ace Bailey Benefit Game in 1934 through to today’s captain vs. captain battle:

1934 NHL All-Star Game jerseys - Ace Bailey Benefit Game

1937 NHL All-Star Game jerseys - Howie Mornez Memorial Game

1939 NHL All-Star Game jersey

1947-1959 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

1960-1963 NHL All-Star Game jersey

1964-1972 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

1973-1981 NHL All-Star Game Uniform

1982 NHL All-Star Game uniforms

1983-1986 NHL All-Star Game jerseys

1989-1991, 1993 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

1992 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms (NHL 75th Anniversary)

1994-1997 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

1998-1999 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2000-2001 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms, separate jerseys for goaltenders

2002-2003 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2004 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2007 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2008 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2009 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

2011-2012 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms


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11 Responses to A Look Back at NHL All-Star Uniforms of the Past

  1. Aaron says:

    When the re-alignment eventually happens, I wonder
    what the ASG uniforms would look like?

  2. Probably will remain the same… NHL hasn’t used conferences in the All Star Game since 2009

  3. C says:

    No pic of the Maroon and Blue uniforms worn at the ASG in LA?

  4. Justorbs says:

    The jerseys they have now would be really solid if they just took away that ridiculous sleeve striping.

  5. thomas says:

    1989-1991, 1993 ftw

  6. Matt M says:

    The 1960-1963 ASG jerseys were in my opinoin the ugliest ASG jerseys ever and following in second ugliest, it’s a tie between those euro inspired North American VS the World jerseys from 2000-2001 and the jerseys worn in Montreal in 2009. My favs of all is still the ones worn from 1989-1993, while the vintage inspired jerseys worn in Minnesota in 2004 are my second favs. The current ones are alright, I actually like them, very creative and innovative with the stripes on shoulders and cuffs and even on the numbers. I can’t begin to imagine what the NHL ASG jerseys will look like in ten or twenty years down the road.

  7. Kris says:

    Here are my top 5 favorites

  8. Aaron says:

    Re: Chris Cremer

    You have a good point. They haven’t used the All Star conference vs. conference format in a while. Perhaps they should stick with this jersey format. This looks better than some of the other uniforms they had some years.

  9. James says:

    I liked the 94 and 95 uniforms

  10. Toucan Sam says:

    Campbells vs. Wales, I miss that so much. The uniforms aren’t the best, but they get the win purely based on nostalgia.

    And what’s up with the stars on the ’82 uniforms? I feel like I just got hit in the head when I look at them.

  11. Mike S. says:

    they should learn from Major League Baseball and have the players wear their own uniforms, letting the fans know which player plays for which team

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