Braves New 2012 Throwback Alt Leaked

The new throwback-inspired alternate jersey that the Atlanta Braves will be wearing for the upcoming 2012 season has been leaked by an online sports apparel store.

The website which first put up the image, (click here to see the jersey on the site), is already offering the yet-to-be-unveiled alternate jersey for sale.

The jersey is cream/heritage white in colour, similar to the home jerseys of the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets, and appears to be inspired by the jersey the Braves wore in their first two seasons in Atlanta from 1966-1967.

Differences between this new home alternate and the current home game jersey include:

  • the shade of white,
  • the “Braves” script across the front is lacking the tomahawk,
  • there is a number on the front,
  • navy blue piping down the front of the jersey,
  • a new sleeve patch which appears to be two crossed tomahawks on a blue circle with “Atlanta Braves 1876” written inside

The Atlanta Braves were planning on unveiling this jersey later this month, it is not replacing any of the alternate jerseys from the 2011 season – this jersey is being added to the rotation from last season.

Special thanks to a Tweet from user @ATL3124 for the heads-up on this story.

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28 Responses to Braves New 2012 Throwback Alt Leaked

  1. TajMcCall says:

    Much cleaner. Never was a fan of the dual piping.

  2. Derek says:

    Light years better than the regular home jersey. And I always thought the Brave’s look was a fairly prefect one. But this tops it. Very nice.

  3. Ryan says:

    Make it the regular home jersey

  4. Tomahawk10 says:

    As a Braves fan I prefer we keep the current home jersey, but this is alright for an alternate.

  5. Glovesave29 says:

    Not a fan. The thinner piping is nice along with thicker secondary color along logo, but don’t like the numbers on the chest.

  6. Aaron says:

    A+ Indeed. Replace either current third jersey with this one. One road + 2 or three home are more than enough.

  7. Bill says:

    Love it..great pick!

  8. NDwas says:

    CC: That’s navy blue piping, not black.

  9. X86000 says:

    Wow, this is a big improvement over the primary home jersey. It’s a much cleaner design and distribution of the wordmark looks so much better without the awkwardly long line between the A and V.

    On the downside, “Atlanta Braves 1876” is disingenuous, as the team was not in Georgia for so long. Why not choose “Braves Baseball 1876” to properly celebrate the franchise history?

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  11. ChillyMutt says:

    Nice. Like to see exactly what’s on the left sleeve.

    And old school sleeveless version (in off white) of this might be pretty cool too.

  12. KDub says:

    Beautiful jersey. Nice and clean.

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  14. BenD says:

    Make these the home jerseys. I hate the tomahawk on the current jerseys. This alt jersey looks sharp.

  15. Keith says:

    Cleaner. Ditch the tomahawk on the front. Keep the shoulder patch. Have as many references to the Natives as possible without any depictions of them.

  16. Aaron says:

    @Chilly Mutt:

    I agree with the sleeveless concept on the off-white third jersey. They would look cool. But definitely use Braves baseball 1876 on their shoulder patch.

  17. tupelojoe81 says:

    this is ok. Should not be primary. Cream colors just dont appeal to me. Don’t like the twins or giants cream jerseys.

  18. Bobby Hull says:

    The tomahawks look eerily similar to another teamed named after an Native Indian. Does anyone else see this as well?

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  21. Bill Malone says:

    That’s a nice jersey – classic look! But, put the screaming chief on the sleeve… forget “political correctness!”

  22. Bill Malone says:

    …and keep the red Sunday jerseys… they’re awesome!

  23. LIVEfrom718 says:

    Like it. Looks like everyone’s going with the cream jerseys… Mets, Phils, Indians, Giants and now the Braves!

  24. Ckgator says:

    Love it! But I say add the screaming Indian… and I will buy one. Political correctness be damned.

  25. Aaron says:

    I agree. Keep the red jerseys strictly for either Sundays or Fridays. As for the retro-inspired jersey, wear them on either Friday or Sunday. I wouldn’t mind seeing the screaming Brave on that retro jersey either. That would be classic.

  26. Josh says:

    are you all out of your heads?!! this new hersey is HORRIBLE! Our current Home Unis look a thousand times better. our beast alternate unis are our navy jerseys. they would look great with our white pants too!

  27. Aaron says:

    The white jerseys look great. Always have. As for the alternate blues, perhaps if you made the Braves word mark and tomahawk red, they’d look great. Right now, they look too much like a batting practice jersey. We also don’t want to many jerseys for one team. For the retro alternates, they look classy.

  28. BartBuzz says:

    I miss the tomahawk on the front. Prefer the original.

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