New Rockies, Giants Jerseys Leaked on Majestic

Majestic Athletic, official provider of Major League Baseball on-field apparel has offered the new yet-to-be-released 2012 jerseys of the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies (click the links to see the products for sale on the Majestic site).  This news was passed along to us by several users of the site and we’d like to thank all of you for the tip.

The new San Francisco Giants jersey shown is labelled as a road alternate jersey and is an homage to the Giants road jersey of the 1980s as first reported by SportsLogos.Net back in November.

The Giants will become the only current Major League Baseball team to wear two distinct grey jerseys regularly and would be the first MLB team to pull off this feat in a single season since the 2006-2008 Texas Rangers wore a sleeveless grey alternate for select road games.

San Francisco originally adopted this style, the interlocked “SF” on the left breast with black piping, in time for the 1983 season to replace their orange road jerseys which had been worn the six previous seasons.  This grey road jersey was worn by several division championship teams at Candlestick Park, including the 1989 National League Championship club.  The jersey was retired at the end of the 1993 season, a season in which the Giants won 103 games and still failed to qualify for the post-season.

UPDATE (1/13/12 3:26pm ET): Apparently the new SF Giants road jerseys are also up on the site (see pic above), the new jerseys feature piping done the front of the jersey and behind the word mark.


The Colorado Rockies had planned on unveiling their new road jerseys later this month, the new uniform is a pinstripe-free version of their previous road jersey.  The Rockies were the final Major League team to wear pinstripes on a road uniform after the Minnesota Twins also dropped their road pins following the 2009 season.

The Rockies wore a similar uniform for their first 8 seasons with “ROCKIES” in place of “COLORADO” on the front of the jersey.


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20 Responses to New Rockies, Giants Jerseys Leaked on Majestic

  1. Aaron says:

    These uniforms look sharp. Colorado’s new road uniform looks better than the one with the pinstripes. Nothing against pinstripes, but they definitely look better on white uniforms. As for San Francisco’s alternate road uniform, looks good, but I’d say use that style for an alternate home uniform only. Possibly in black, not orange please. They don’t need two road uniforms the same colour.

  2. roccot24 says:

    worst photoshop job ever on the Rockies one? Not very professional.

  3. roccot24 says:

    You made it seem like it came directly from Majestic. Glad you have such thick skin though. I’d love to comment on the website that I have zero to do with but… thanks for the plug though!

  4. KDub says:

    I love the Giants jersey. Classic. Clean. I think the jerseys with the “SF” look much better than the jerseys with “Giants”, but not quite as good as the “San Francisco” all written out in the Giants’ font.

    The Rox really need to do something different. Boring and generic IMO. The font used for “Colorado” is awful. Always has been.

  5. Jay says:

    Looks great to me ,thanks for such a great website, everyone I show it to, loves it and uses it for their wallpapers..Chill Ross …Go Braves.

  6. roccot24 says:

    @ Chris it wasn’t a bad job on your part at all. It would have been if a company as big as Majestic put that out there as the sales tool. I obviously love this site. I’m freakin on here 20 times a day posting concepts. Keep up the great work.

  7. Matty P says:

    Might I point out that the standard road jersey has also been updated? Black piping behind the “San Francisco” lettering…

  8. Ryan says:

    i love the rockies one, simple yet a big enough change

  9. Richard says:

    Matty P… I wasn’t aware of that… The Giants have “two” new road uniforms. The classic San Francisco road jersey now has placket trim (should leave as is – it looks cluttered). The marketing department is apparently trying to cover every decade in the Giants history… The Orange jerseys and orange billed caps.. from the 70’s, the SF monogram roads with placket trim from the 80’s… The current caps from the 90’s, the three orange stripes on the socks from the late 40’s…and the current look which is an amalgamation of the styles from the 50’s, 60’s, early 70’s and late 90s… Have they run out of throwback ideas yet?

  10. Richard says:

    I forgot to add if Zito takes the mound with the “San Francisco” road jersey with the placket trim and the high socks with the three stripes showing. He has effectively recreated the look of the late 1940’s New York Giants on the road (except the city name of course).

  11. Ben in LA says:

    Being a Dodgers fan, I can admit that Giants jersey looks nice. I’m still a fan of road jerseys with the city (or state) name on it…ala Colorado…

  12. Richard says:

    Actually my prediction of what the new SF alt road jersey was correct….(See my post in the Nov 29th article). It was not going to be an exact duplicate of the Humm Baby roadies.

  13. Richard says:

    They’ve ruined the perfect primary road when they should’ve left it alone….

  14. Samuel says:

    The Giants jersey patch switch already happened this past season.

  15. SFforlife says:

    Richard, I agree, I loved the road look, very classic and clean, they pretty much ruined it, the road did not need black piping as well. The black lines look a bit awkward with the sleeve piping. Why couldn’t they have made the front black line be piped with orange as well? Also it creates more of a dissonance witht he home jersey. Very unecessary add on. The new SF alt would’ve been just fine. Time will tell if the road grows on me. :/

  16. Aaron says:

    I don’t think the piping on the Giants road jersey is necessary. Doesn’t look bad though.

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