18 Responses to What’s new in the NBA for 2012

  1. Jackie Moon says:

    I would kill to see the Pistons wear Flint Tropics ABA jerseys one game 😉

  2. Ken says:

    Lovin’ the Nets ABA throwbacks and hopefully the Brooklyn jerseys will be much like these! Can’t wait.

  3. Derek says:

    Disappointed in the Heat alts this year. The all-black is cool as a style jersey but I don’t like that it takes away the team colors of red/yellow.

    Also not a fan of teams wearing totally unrelated ABA uniforms(Heat/Floridians, T-Wolves/Muskies, etc.). For the Spurs it makes no sense, they actually played in the ABA! Only saving grace for the Floridians gaudy set is the ballgirl outfits the dancers wear to accompany them 🙂

    The new Wizards set and Jazz alt are great. DC just needs to drop the full wizard primary altogether though.

  4. Jackie Moon says:

    Derek, Ted Leonsis is trying to drop the Wizards name but NBA rules make it difficult to do. Colors on the other hand are easier, hence the change back to the original red white and blue which the fans wanted. Thank god no more god-awful black blue and gold. I wish they’d change the Wu-Tang primary logo too but oh well. Small steps 🙂

  5. Aaron says:

    I agree with reducing the Wizards primary to the secondary at best. Here are some suggestions…

    The San Antonio Spurs should wear their original road uniforms that say “San Antonio” in their way of honouring the ABA.

    The Dallas Chapperals uniforms should be worn by the Dallas Mavericks even though the Spurs were the Chaps at one point.

    The All Black Miami Heat Alternates? Please stick with the current three uniforms and include the Miami Floridians uniforms honouring the ABA.

  6. Jeff says:

    I have not seen the Wizards primary being used at home this season. It’s not displayed on their court, anywhere in their arena, or on their website. Are you sure the Wizards are still using that logo as their primary?

    • @Jeff, As mentioned in the post: “Like several NBA teams (Toronto Raptors, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, etc.) the Wizards primary logo has changed only in it’s colour scheme and will be rarely seen outside the official team stylesheet

  7. Max says:

    can’t believe that the nets will wear jerseys that only say ‘new york.’ they sure do wanna get out of NJ!

  8. Tim says:

    I think I heard the wizards wanted to change their name but can’t change their primary until next year. Rumors say they will be back to the bullets

  9. Aaron says:


    I’m not entirely sure if they’ll switch back to the Bullets so fast. It’d be nice, but there’s a reason why they changed names. Wizards isn’t a bad name. Not many teams have it. However, if they were going to switch names, Patriots wouldn’t be a bad name. Nationals would be good if the baseball team went back to the Senators.

  10. Matt says:

    Derek, the Spurs began in the ABA as the Dallas Chaparrals and for one season, 1970-71, played in cities outside of Dallas as the Texas Chaparrals (a regional franchise the likes of the Carolina Cougars and Virginia Squires).

    The franchise moved to San Antonio in 1973-74 and became the Spurs. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with the throwback for SA as they are honoring their history!

  11. Dumb Aaron Is Dumb says:

    When i think of basketball I think of Wizards. Its a good name because not many teams have it.

  12. Ben in LA says:

    I WILL be buying that Los Angeles Stars jersey…and I have a Lakers jersey (black and white) that is similar to that Heat jersey. It’s not official, obviously…

  13. Chris, any idea why my Jazz aren’t sporting some Utah Stars Unis?

  14. New proposal for the NBA. Utah comes out as the Stars. LAC comes out as Anaheim Amigos. DC gets a team, sporting Caps gear. Spurs as Spurs. NOLA as Buccaneers. Mavs as Chaps. LAL, GS, and Sacramento can fight for the Oakland Oaks and San Diego Conquistadors. I also think a team should sport the Colonels uniforms. And hell, I’d even give the Pistons Flint Tropics too. Okay so maybe it’s a stretch. Regardless, my Jazz should be wearing Stars gear this season.

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  16. alex says:

    so when are you guys gonna add these to the site

  17. Ben in LA says:

    Those Cougars and Muskies jerseys are CLEAN…

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