NBA: Heat, Mavs, Kings Unveil New Uniforms

In case you missed it the National Basketball Association lockout is over and the abbreviated 2011-12 season is getting underway later this week.

In the past few days we’ve had several teams unveil new alternate jerseys and jersey patches, I’ve already told you about the new Utah Jazz green alternate jersey which will be making it’s on-court debut December 30th, here’s a run-down of the other new jerseys unveiled in the days since.

The Miami Heat unveiled their new all-black alternate jersey which they are officially branding as their “Back in Black” jersey.  The jersey eliminates all red from the colour scheme and only trace amounts of white, used to outline the team script and player numbers – leaving them otherwise non-existent.

The Sacramento Kings also unveiled a black alternate jersey, one which features more colours than Miami’s thankfully.

Across the front of the jersey is a script extremely similar to the one used in the Kings’ first seasons in Sacramento but now in black, purple and white instead of their 1980s colour scheme of red, white and blue.  Silver numbers are placed below the script.

Comparing the jersey scripts used in their first seasons in Sacramento with the new alternate unveiled this month

Your defending NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks have made some alterations to their alternate jerseys unveiled late last week. The basic concept remains but a darker blue is now the predominant colour as well as the swapping of the placement of the script with the player number on the front of the jersey.

Dirk Nowitzki models the new Dallas Mavericks alternate jersey for 2011-12

This is the third incarnation of this jersey concept for the Mavs, (green, light blue, and now blue) all of which have been designated as alternate jerseys.

The Golden State Warriors made their 50th anniversary patch public this past week, this will be worn on the team jerseys all season and commemorates 50 seasons playing in the Bay Area of California.

Also, the Washington Wizards new home jersey made their on-court debut on Friday, here’s a pic of the front and the back of the new uniforms:

We’ll have a more comprehensive run-down of all the changes for the 2011-12 NBA season later in the week.


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8 Responses to NBA: Heat, Mavs, Kings Unveil New Uniforms

  1. F19 says:

    The Miami jerseys are alright. Would have preferred a new yellow alt or a red 90s throwback. But they are not terrible. The regular black jerseys are my least favorite of the normal 3 Heat sets, so I won’t be picking up one of these. But no color is better than some of the other stuff we’ve seen in SoFla over the past few seasons, like a totally unrelated color on a ripoff alternate(light blue Panthers), or the Hi-Lighter explosion seen on the new Marlins garb.

  2. Aaron says:

    Since the Heat already have three jerseys red, black and white, I don’t know if this jersey is needed. It’s not too bad, but black on black with no other colour is too overkill. The Kings jersey at least has colour in it and it’s a throwback in itself. The Wizards jersey, they finally got it right. I realize they won’t be changing back to the Bullets anytime some.

  3. Lucario says:

    Miami- meh
    Sacramento- nice try, but you should really adopt blue
    Washington- try going with the 90s Bullets look instead
    Dallas- ditch the pseudo throwbacks and go back to 1999.

  4. Jimmy Kemp says:

    The Heat jersey is terrible, same with the Mavericks, give up that gay looking “mavs” font. Love the new Jazz and Kings alternate, Wizards uniforms are great, wish they were Bullets, but this is much better.

  5. Aaron says:

    Oh yeah, as for the Mavericks thirds, use one of their earlier uniforms (1980-mid 1990’s) I mean their original green uniforms. The Jazz thirds, they look great.

  6. Blake says:

    Miami’s jerseys look too much like San Antonio. I like the Jazz, Bullets and Kings nod to the ’80s. I do agree the Kings need to incorporate a powder blue in their color scheme. As for the Mavericks, I hate the font. They should incorporate the one from the ’90s. Yes, they sucked during that era; but the uniforms did look good, very classic.

  7. Boyee says:

    The all black Miami unis suck
    Purple is the color of royalty, so the Kings should have it
    I preferred the Mavs in blue and green
    The new wizards unis are pretty cool

  8. John says:

    All color was sucked out of Miami pro sports franchises by the Marlins’ new logo and uniforms. Black was all the Heat had left to work with.

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