Utah Jazz Unveil New Jersey; Debuts Dec 30

The Utah Jazz unveiled a new green alternate jersey today at an open house event in Salt Lake City’s EnergySolutions Arena.

The new jersey is an homage to the green road jersey the team originally wore beginning with the 1981/82 season through the 1983-84 season.

Utah Jazz unveil their new third jersey (courtesy Utah Jazz Twitter feed, click for larger)

The Jazz have yet to finalize a schedule for when the new jersey will be worn but they do know that it will be worn for the home opener on December 30th against the Philadelphia 76ers as well as on St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th against the Golden State Warriors.

Comparing the Utah Jazz 1983 road and the new 2012 alternate

There are actually several differences between this new version of the jersey and the original.  For starters the shade of green has been darkened considerably, making this jersey much less offensive to 21st Century tastes, the script across the front of the jersey is now white with yellow accents whereas the original script was complete yellow (with some white on the basketball), the trim around the neck is now navy blue trimmed in yellow replacing the original yellow and white trim from ’84,  finally to keep consistant with the rest of their current uniform set there are yellow and blue stripes running up the sides of the jersey.

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18 Responses to Utah Jazz Unveil New Jersey; Debuts Dec 30

  1. Ron Rowland says:

    It’s another nice nod to the past, as is the trend in most pro uniform design lately, but frankly I’ve always felt the Jazz should have changed names when they left New Orleans. Can’t think of a worse Location/Team name combo with the exception of the Flint Tropics from “Semi-Pro.” In terms of the uniform, I’m still a fan of the mountain motif with the blues and purples they had at the end of the Malone/Stockton era. At least that LOOKED like Utah.

  2. I hate to do this to ya, but the purple is actually Navy Blue. Still a solid uniform. They’re no Malone era greens, but they’re still a nice shout-out.

  3. Samuel says:

    Why would the unveiling feature swingman jerseys and not authentics??

  4. F19 says:

    Classy jersey. I gotta agree with Ron on the fact that they should’ve changed names when they moved from NOLA, but it’s been far too long to do anything about it now. Salt Lake City has the least relevant pro sports names in the country with the Jazz and Real Salt Lake. Because when I think of Salt Lake City, the first two things that come to mind are Jazz music and Spanish Royalty lol. These look great though, and way better than the mountain-themed set from the 90s. That was right up there with the flaming horse Pistons and Houston Rockets pinstriped numbers as stuff you knew was going to be dated real fast.

    On the sidenote of team relocations, can we get a petition going that from now on if a team moves, no matter if their name is generic and not city-specific(Colts, Cardinals, Rams, etc.) that they still have to change when they move? In most cases it just stings the fans in the city the team moved from(like Baltimore) and sometimes, it just makes no damn sense and then we’re stuck with stupid names forever(Jazz, Lakers).

  5. joe smith says:

    sexy jerseys

  6. Jazz Culture says:

    Nice color combination. It takes you back with a modern twist. Go Jazz!

  7. Zach says:

    Sometimes I find the New Jazz color scheme a little too awkward and unfitting, but this brings back a good look from the 80s…I’m willing to accept this

  8. Thanks Chris. Amazing altogether. I’m happy.

  9. Aaron says:

    These jerseys are cool. It gives the team a retro yet modern twist. Although I sort of agree the Jazz name should have stayed in New Orleans. But then you can jazz things up anywhere. As for using the same nickname in different cities as the original city (Rams, Cardinals, Colts, Athletics, Braves, Dodgers), I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it meshes well with the city. But I do see what you mean if used in another city, it can sting the original. The nicknames that wouldn’t really mesh with other cities would be…

    Colorado Nordiques, Carolina Whalers, Oklahoma City Sonics.

    Reason being, there’s always potential for Quebec City, Hartford, Seattle to retain those names if they ever get an NHL/NBA team back. Perhaps if Utah knew down the road the NBA would return to NOLA, they probably would have used another name besides Jazz. Or if Titans owner Bud Adams didn’t still have the rights to the Oilers nameplate, I almost guarantee you would have been hearing Houston Oilers instead of Houston Texans.

  10. roquetman says:

    Everyone says the Jazz need to change names, but you don’t hear much about the Lakers changing names, or even the Grizzlies. It made no sense when they moved to Salt Lake yet it would make less sense if they changed it now. GO JAZZ

  11. thomas says:


  12. Brad says:

    There is no creativity in sports anymore. Too many teams are reverting to these “retro” looks. These jersey are only cool because they are a thing of the past. Wear them everyday and people remember why teams got rid of them in the first place. I get nauseated when I hear comments like, “bring back the creamsicle jerseys”.

  13. Jerae says:

    Thank you Brad, you’re a man who speaks the truth. It is becoming cliché to bring back retro jerseys and it does stifle the creative process when it comes to actually creating something that is truly new, which I want to see more of.

    But about the Jazz jerseys, they are a good look, it has charm, it isn’t overdone, or underdone. I like them. The only thing I don’t like is pretty much what everyone else is saying: These jerseys scream “NOLA”, not “Utah”.

  14. Timothy bean says:

    Matthew Garry, Malone never wore the green uniform, neither did Stockton for that matter. The greens went away at the end of the 83/84 season. Stock was drafted in the 84 draft and Malone in 85.

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