MLB12 Screenshots Showcase New MLB Unis

Thanks to a post on ESPN showcasing screenshots from the upcoming PlayStation3 video game MLB12: The Show we have a look at some of the new 2012 Major League Baseball uniforms in action, virtual action.


Toronto Blue Jays

Blue alternate home jersey. Boy does that ever look like a beautiful uniform... also in this picture it looks like the Miami Marlins are wearing the all-orange alternates

Home whites, fans of past MLB games might notice Jose Bautista finally has a beard in this game

Orange alternate with new retro white-panel cap

Road greys with new retro all-black cap

San Diego's new home uniforms, piping added and script slightly adjusted. You'll notice the original PETCO Park patch is on the sleeve, not the "Swinging Friar" logo they eventually went with

New San Diego Padres home alternate jersey


Miami Marlins

Road greys with MIAMI arched across in white


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12 Responses to MLB12 Screenshots Showcase New MLB Unis

  1. ACL RIP says:

    I love the new Marlins look!

  2. Toucan Sam says:

    The Orioles and Blue Jays are back, absoulutely awesome! Padres unis are better, I wish they would go back to the brown ones they had in the 80’s, those were perfect. The jury is still out on the Marlins, the teal had to go though.

  3. cody smith says:

    the marlins look good and so do the jays. the padres need some work still and the orioles should use the o as an alt logo.

  4. Ryan says:

    padres look good, love the baltimore script but hate the tri color hat…..the jays new uniforms look like crap and the marlins look like a 5 year old who ate a box of crayons threw up on the jerseys…

  5. James says:

    7 years later and I am still waiting for MVP Baseball.

  6. AlMagz says:

    ha. even looks like the video game version of Hanley Ramirez didnt want to get rid of the teal. Nice cleats.

  7. Jake says:

    So pumped, I preorder this every year, and this year wont be any different. Go Blue Jays Go!

  8. Andy says:

    Hanley’s shoes are still Florida Teal!

  9. Paul says:

    Love the new Toronto unis and the retro Baltimore look. The new Miami look won’t last long. SD is a just a tweak.
    Time for the Angels to add a bit more blue to the mix. I still like the 90’s CA Angels unis

  10. OBomb says:

    You’ll notice that in the picture of Mat Latos, the old shampoo Padres logo is on a billboard above the right field stands. Also, from having seen the new Padres home uniform in person, I can tell you that the sand outline over the letters is more noticeable as well.

  11. diggerjohn111 says:

    My Jays look AMAZING, the O’s and Pads look great, the Marlins look like clowns.

  12. metssince64 says:

    I’m happy my METS got rid of the black. At least when they lose they will look good. I agree with Digger, all that’s missing from the Marlins look is the big red nose. Too bad Jose Reyes has to tear a hamstring or tweak an oblique looking like Bozo. The Pads uni still sucks. I have designed one using the retro brown,orange and yellow color scheme and using the best looking lettering from their past togs. I wish I could get it on here to get everyones opinion. I think it looks so good even Ray Kroc would wake up briefly to applaud.

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