Giants to Bring Back 80s Classic Uniform in 2012

According to a reliable source, SportsLogos.Net has learned that the San Francisco Giants will be bringing back a slightly updated version of their 1980’s road jersey as a road alternate jersey for the 2012 season.

The Giants will become the only current Major League Baseball team to wear two distinct grey jerseys regularly and would be the first MLB team to pull off this feat in a single season since the 2006-2008 Texas Rangers wore a sleeveless grey alternate for select road games.

According to sources, an updated version of this will be back in 2012 as an alternate

San Francisco originally adopted this style, the interlocked “SF” on the left breast with black piping, in time for the 1983 season to replace their orange road jerseys which had been worn the six previous seasons.  This grey road jersey was worn by several division championship teams at Candlestick Park, including the 1989 National League Championship club.  The jersey was retired at the end of the 1993 season, a season in which the Giants won 103 games and still failed to qualify for the post-season.

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16 Responses to Giants to Bring Back 80s Classic Uniform in 2012

  1. Jimmy Kemp says:

    I wish my Detroit Tigers would bring back their 80’s uniforms as a road alternate too.

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  3. Aaron says:

    This isn’t bad a idea to use an alternate road jersey, but what they could’ve done instead was use this uniform design for an alternate home jersey and scrap the orange jerseys.

  4. FLlogoman says:

    The Texas Rangers wore two grey road unis back in 2006, and wore both for 3 years.

  5. mayo63 says:

    I love those uni’s. It’s about time they brought those back.

  6. saldonkey says:

    I feel if there going to use the SF logo they should make a black jersey with orange piping like their “Giants and San Francisco” Jerseys……rather than on a grey away jersey. To me the away jersey should always have the city your from.

  7. larry howey says:

    Cool. The best uniform they ever had.

  8. Derek says:

    @Aaron: A. MEN. Anything that gets rid of the Giants’ traffic-cone orange alt jerseys, I’m in favor. I love my Giants, but that orange makes my eyes bleed.

  9. suprimeau says:

    I like the fact that they are triditional right now and haven’t gotten carried away with the alternate softball top trend going on now. They’re jerseys are perfect right now. Having orange Friday once and awhile is fine with me. It’s better than what some teams have been doing. I don’t mind this as an alternate, I just hope they don’t ruin things with this jersey and get carried away. Although many despise the Yankees, there’s something to be said about them being traditionalists and not changing a good look.

  10. Richard says:

    The last person to wear this jersey as a player who was also a teammate with current Giants pitching stars – Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Brian Wilson….????

    Barry Bonds (he wore this for only one year in 1993).

  11. Richard says:

    What I believe by “slightly modified”… The existing sleeve piping on the current road jersey and the modified SF monogram. Also the current number font will be probably be retained. The placket trim will return and the current SF monogram will replace the old block SF monogram… It’s a great look.

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  13. Ben in LA says:

    Go Dodgers!

    And I also agree road jerseys should have the city name.

  14. tupelojoe81 says:

    Milwaukee needs to change their gray jerseys to match their newer navy road jerseys with the “Milwaukee” script.

  15. Aaron says:

    Although I do agree that most road jerseys should have the city name on them, teams like the Phillies and Cardinals can get away with having the team name on both jerseys. It’s having the city name on both jerseys that I don’t care for unless the cap logo is on the home jersey ala New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals. The Padres, D-Backs, and Pirates do that with their alternates.

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